Life with bowel cancer

Bear G

Regaining Bowel Control

The charity has just updated the Regaining Bowel Control booklet and it’s worth a look!

There’s lots of information that’ll help you understand what’s going on in your body after bowel surgery and through chemo and radiotherapy. There are some really simple, practical tips too - for example you can reduce wind by not drinking during meals, I’ll certainly try that!

Thank you to @Fran Staff (Marketing and Comms) and the team for pulling this together.

Big hugs


That is a very useful booklet, thanks @Bear G (a familiar face in there too!)

Bear G

There’s no escaping me @bettebette 😂




@Bear G , very useful booklet. Thank you.:x::x:


Hi @Bear G @Fran Staff (Marketing and Comms)

It is a brilliant booklet , with lots more, very detailed information than our old one.

But the two diagrams on about page 3 , showing HIGH and LOW resections, are identical. ( I only noticed because I have a hospital appointment today, and was comparing it with the diagram of my colonoscopy report)


This is a very good booklet, well worth a thorough read. Thank you.


I just received a few of the books from the charity, but regaining bowel control and eating well are the old name of beating bowel cancer. I guess the old stocks are going out first.


Thanks @Bear G will read it :)

Sarah Staff (Support and Information)

We are still sending out the Beating Bowel Cancer publications, if we have stock of them. Once stocks are depleted then they will be republished with the new branding.
Best wishes


Really useful booklet helping me understand the effects of radio !! And .. looking good Bear ! 😀 Saw your bit .. fab xxxx Annie