Life with bowel cancer

Bear G

Regaining Bowel Control

The charity has just updated the Regaining Bowel Control booklet and it’s worth a look!

There’s lots of information that’ll help you understand what’s going on in your body after bowel surgery and through chemo and radiotherapy. There are some really simple, practical tips too - for example you can reduce wind by not drinking during meals, I’ll certainly try that!

Thank you to @Fran Staff (Marketing and Comms) and the team for pulling this together.

Big hugs


That is a very useful booklet, thanks @Bear G (a familiar face in there too!)

Bear G

There’s no escaping me @bettebette 😂




@Bear G , very useful booklet. Thank you.:x::x:


Hi @Bear G @Fran Staff (Marketing and Comms)

It is a brilliant booklet , with lots more, very detailed information than our old one.

But the two diagrams on about page 3 , showing HIGH and LOW resections, are identical. ( I only noticed because I have a hospital appointment today, and was comparing it with the diagram of my colonoscopy report)


This is a very good booklet, well worth a thorough read. Thank you.


I just received a few of the books from the charity, but regaining bowel control and eating well are the old name of beating bowel cancer. I guess the old stocks are going out first.


Thanks @Bear G will read it :)