Stage 4 bowel cancer


2nd opinion recommendations?

My diagnosis is not much can be done (u can see my profile as tried to explain fully) so purely treating it with chemo but gonna get 2 nd opinion as not keen on my oncolgist I’ve trusted her long enough
Just want knowledge and cross reference with what my oncolgist says for peace of mind I live in north west England but not to bother where the oncolgist team are and recommendations would be great. The bowel cancer uk site have mention dr in aintree so just scouting at mo
Thanks in advance
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@dee83 Christie’s, Manchester - amazing :x::x:


@dee83 Agree on Christie's - it comes up every time I look at the best in the UK, Marsden if down south. Good luck, im considering the same and have also looked into European experts - Germany seems very advanced


@dee83 ...I would say christies


Hello @Highkaren I would recommend Christies too. My husband saw the oncologist Mark Saunders there who we think is wonderful. Good luck and keep us posted on how you get on. :x::x:


Sorry I directed my reply to @Highkaren instead of @dee83. Oops 🤭:x:


Hi @dee83 , Christies and Royal Marsden :x::x:


Are you already under the Christie @dee83? I see you live around Bolton, or are you at the Christie unit at Salford? Let us know how things go.:x::x:


Hi @dee83 im under dr alam at the christie and found her to be open and honest and doesnt sugar coat things. there is a section under topics regardjng second opinions on this forum if you wish to look about how to go about it.
most consultatnts are happy for you to seek second opinions so dont feel worried about gojng ahead witn it. i see youre in bolton me too what dates are you at christies maybe we could meet for a coffee if our appts coincide. or even in bolton if you feel the need to rant and talk. take care and let us know how you get on jo :x::x: