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For those who live in Scotland - Lunch at Loch Levens Larder on Thursday 4th Oct 2018

I am coming up to Scotland to horse, house and dog sit whilst my daughter and family are off to Disney Land for a couple of weeks, so Karen @Baxter2 and @Highkaren are arranging to meet up with me for lunch at Loch Levens Larder, near Kinross KY13 9HD if anybody else wants to join us - please get in touch. Both Karens have had such good news of late it will be nice to celebrate!


I'll keep it in mind and see- I could come down on the bus!!


Aww, @Gypsy, that would be great if you could make it? Lovely to see anyone else who can come along too! I think we'll try and arrange another Edinburgh meets perhaps at the beginning of December too?

Looking forward to meeting you @Elmac xx



We should know next Wednesday what Op John needs next so I will write down the date and do my best to come up Woooo
Cath :x::x:


Hi @Elmac, I have already warned @Baxter2 that I am going to gatecrash a meeting in Scotland but as I would be flying up to Edinburgh it may be more practical to wait for a rendezvous in December rather than Loch Levens. Please keep me in mind though 🙂, Kim :x::x::x:


Really looking forward to it


Hi @Gypsy - meant to post the reply here
Where do you live @Gypsy? - if you are coming down on the bus i could meet you at the bus stop at Kinross (behind Sainsbury's) and drive over to the Larder and then drop you back at the bus stop to return home afterwards as I shall be staying at Cliesh.