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Tony Tee

high grade dysplasia.......worried

Hi All. I am new to this. Couple of weeks ago my colonoscopy revealed high grade dysplasia in transverse colon highly suspicious of cancer. I'm having a second colonoscopy on Monday. Has anyone else had a similar diagnosis re dysplasia. I seem to be in limbo at the moment with no firm treatment plan established yet. Worried about the time delay. Also PET scan 2 weeks ago showed a single spot on liver but they don't know what this is yet until they do further I don't feel unwell but my head all over the place at the moment with worry


Hi @Tony Tee and a very warm welcome to the forum.

I'm sorry you find yourself in limbo at the moment and I suppose there's little we can do to reassure you. What we can say though is, that we have all been here or thereabouts and it's just horrible. You'll probably be having all sorts of thoughts and 'what ifs' whizzing around in your head and until you can establish the facts, it's just torture.

I guess you will need to try your hardest to remain as busy and distracted as you can over this period until you know what you're dealing with. The delay always appears to worry us but it's unlikely to be significant to the overall plan outcome and plan. Try to focus on the facts as opposed to your thoughts but all this is much easier said than done I know. Stick around here and I'm sure the lovely folk on the forum will be along to say hello and offer you their support and friendship.

Sending you all my very best wishes and I hope you'll let us know how things go.

Karen 💛💚💜💙❤️


Hello @Tony Tee, so sorry to hear how distressed and worried you are feeling, but It will unfortunately take your medical team time to collect information before they can decide on the treatment plan. We all remember this stage of waiting and waiting, but I can promise you that you will feel more in control once the tests are completed and you have a plan in place. Meanwhile do one day at a time and consider anything that keeps you busy. It is best to avoid googling as you are likely to come across information that is out of date or even inaccurate. The publications on this site are brilliant. Please stay in touch and let us know how things go, take very good care, Kim :x::x:

Tony Tee

Thanks Kim. Yes Dr Google is doing me no favours! :x:


Hi@Tony Tee. Wise words already above so I'm just posting to say Hi and to offer ongoing support and I'll be following your progress with this and hope I can be of some small help. The timescale is ok, Tony, a week or two isn't going to make any difference and you are clearly in the system now and that is the main thing. I'm so sorry you have to be in this position and it will have been a horrible shock but try and hang onto the fact that there is good treatment for this and we will be here for you.
Oh, and hugs for the horrible anxiety too! (If it gets too much, tell your GP as there is help available for that).