Life with bowel cancer


Can anyone help please?

Hi folks, I’m 17 months post stoma reversal and up until 4 weeks ago my bowel was behaving well. I had been very lucky and didn’t suffer too badly throughout, I had a good routine, passing a normal stool 3 times a day,without the use of Loperamide. I’d have occasional clustering and diarrhoea if I’d eaten too much fibre. Suddenly, from nowhere, I’m now experiencing chronic diarrhoea, itching and soreness . To keep it under control, I’m taking Loperamide 3-4 times a day.

I wonder, has anybody else experienced this? I’d be very grateful to hear. It seems so strange to be doing so well and then suddenly for no apparent reason be affected.

Thank you :x::x:


Hi @Freckles50 husband is only 4 months post reversal. ...and had been reasonably controlled for this stage...however suddenly went from no go for 2 days to going all the time literally. So exhausting..he is 74. Colorectal nurse advised a stool test for any infection..and blood test for electrolyte balance...however it seems to be gradually righting itself. No results back yet.
We were told to use loperamide 3 capsules before meals and before bed....normal low residue just going with it and fingers crossed. It's very limiting ad he can't go far from a toilet really. Apparently this bowel behaviour isn't unusual. Do hope it calms down for you.....can you ask for an appointment with your specialist nurse? :x::x::x:


Morning @Freckles50, I'm wondering if you have a little infection? Randomly, I do have similar troubles to what you've described: stinging on way out, constant urge, left with a soreness. It almost feels like you have overly acidic stools, doesn't it? I'm not sure what causes it tbh? But looking back, when it does occur, it is perhaps the aftermath of too much fibre in my case, but again not 100% sure. Is your temp etc ok? Maybe worth getting checked out or asking for some medical advice/reassurance? :x::x::x:


Hi @Freckles50 we are just starting our journey after the reversal and finding there are quite a few bumps in the road. Diet seems to affect it a lot, with some foods causing issues whilst others not so much. I wonder if you have a nurse contact you can call for advice? I think if it has been going on a little while it would be good to get checked out, rule out an infection :x::x::x:


Thank you @mem @abergirl @charleyb , it’s so reassuring to be given some advice. I too wondered about a possible infection. Having too much acid could be a possibility too as I’ve had some discomfort recently in my stomach (I have mild gastritis) and I’d been making beetroot chutney then had been eating it fairly regularly on a sandwich, I’ve since stopped (about 3 weeks ago) . Also, we had been picking field mushrooms (around the time all this started) and had cooked them for tea. My family had no affects whatsoever but I did wonder if they had given me a bacterial infection.... I imagine my bowel will be very sensitive now to any small change in diet. Your suggestions certainly link up with this. May be I should call my nurse again and ask for a stool sample to be tested. Just in case. Thank you so much you’ve really helped. I feel more confident about suggesting this now. 😘


Glad to give a spot of reassurance. ...this forum has certainly done that for me. Field mushrooms. ..yummy!!! :x::x: