Life with bowel cancer


can anyone reassure me ?

HI, my mind is in over drive again. On Monday I have a Pet scan as my last MRI scan showed that 3 months after finishing chemo I have developed 2 lesions on my liver one 5mm and one 1.9cm. To be honest they were probably always there just too small to confirm at diagnosis. My oncologist and liver surgeon have both said they think they can operate I am just scared that after the PETscan they will come back and say that they can't operate :(. Am I just worrying for no reason? Surely now they have said they think they can operate they won't change their mind will they? The waiting is killing me. I keep trying to focus on the words the oncologist said. The lesions are small, they have caught it early and once its out it out but just can't stop worrying and thinking the worst :(. Has anyone had any positive experiences that can reassure me? Lots of love Cara :x::x:


Hi @cara

I'd love to reassure you and say with certainty that everything will be ok but as you and I both know, that can't happen in this horrible cancer world.

It sounds like they are carrying out very thorough investigations before planning surgery so that the full picture is known. It would be awful if they opened someone up (as happened in days gone by) and then discovered that they couldn't put things right and had to close up again.

The endless waiting does mess with our heads for sure. I've been there too. I had to have a laparoscopy in order to directly assess my abdomen for possible surgery. The answer could have been no but fortunately it was a yes. Nearer my op date, I had to have a final CT scan to check that there were no new surprises prior to surgery which could have potentially changed or cancelled the plans. It's just horrible and getting through these tough times is never easy.

I guess distraction and keeping busy is the only way to try and cope until things are all confirmed. I'll have everything tightly crossed for you 🀞🀞

Lots of love and very best wishes. Hopefully you'll let us know how things go if you can?



hi @cara my hubby had a pet scan as he had a lung met on diagnosis, in our case it didn`t show anything else just confirmed that the bowel and lung met were the only signs of disease and they were both operable. Your team are being thorough by doing the pet so that is good. I will keep everything crossed that you get good results, scans and waiting are just torturous. Hang in there!! fingers crossed a good plan of attack will be put in place :x::x::x:


Hang in there@cara. Very hopefully, all will go as has already been said by your doctors and the operation will go ahead as planned. I also think do everything to distract yourself ahead of PET scan and results and do your absolutely best not entertain the destructive and worrying thoughts. Easier said than done I know but it is a good thing to aim for and the trying to do it can help. Push the worry out if you can. I actually used visualisation when similar things happened to me. I pictured the worry as a heavy, blacked out, sliding door that kept trying to come across my mind and block out the view. I made myself push that door back so that I could see the view (into the garden) again. I got tired having to repeatedly do it but it did help me and in general, I think that visualisation can be a helpful technique to try.