Life with bowel cancer


I've been expelled ... discharged

Well it's been a long haul mentally and physically, but that day arrived the final scan and oncology appointment. Go home she said we do not need to see you again, should I have been dancing around the room fist pumping and shouting Yehaaa. Everyone thought I should have been but so many emotions were going on, no more tests aghhhh scary, were they sure may be another year. This at the beginning if the year and now I think I am ready to celebrate and start to let go of this fear. I have been so so so lucky and wish you all the very best. I do not visit the forum very often now and do feel guilty sometimes about that but I can tell you all that I am doing my upmost to enjoy this gift I have been given. I do feel that my faith has helped me through some of my darkest times, so even if you are not a believer, I pray that my faith may help you in some way along your journey xxx

((( Hugs from the rainforest )))



Brilliant news @suttons, thank you for sharing, take very good care, Kim :x::x:

El Ivan

That’s Fantastic news @suttons! The best of luck going forward πŸ˜ƒ :x:


That’s very good news, best wishes to you @suttons πŸ˜€


Just brilliant news :x::x::x:


This is such uplifting news to read on a Monday morning @suttons!! Brilliant!

Sending lots of love and very best wishes



Such an inspiring message and yes faith and hope where would any of us be without it
Thank you and good luck :x::x:


Brilliant news. Very best wishes to you @suttons . :x::x:


Hi@suttons. Great to read your fantastic update Sheila- I have missed your pictures and accounts from 'over there'. I agree about faith too, don't know where I would be without it.


Brilliant news @suttons !

But I understand what you mean, after so much care, that you have now been sent off on your own.....a bit daunting. :x::x:


Fabulous news @bogongbelle thanks for sharing it. :x::x::x:


Brilliant news always good to hear these stories.


Polly 1

Go celebrate @suttons :x::x:


Brilliant new @suttons go celebrate πŸŽ‰


Wonderful @suttons God bless :x::x:

springer michelle

Brilliant news :x::x::x: