Life with bowel cancer


Coping with a stoma

I know it will get easier but at the moment I’m just struggling
It’s two weeks since my APR and my new stoma
I hate the nights everything seems worse, pain which I think is wind, can’t get comfortable in bed to sleep and the realisation that this is not something which will get better and go away.
Finding it difficult to sleep for more than a couple of hours at a time
I know others are in a far worse situation but right now it’s just all too much
Rant and moan over but is it normal to feel this way


Hello @pippajane, I totally feel for you going through this, I can remember very clearly the pain and discomfort after the surgery (mine 4 months ago). It was especially unpleasant at night when it feels like the pain is never ending. But it really will get better after the first few weeks. Make sure you take enough medication for pain .... try and take it before the pain gets too bad.
I also had one of those heated little pillow things (microwave) and found it helped the pain and felt comforting.
Take care, look after yourself and look forward to better days to come.
Big hugs Sarah :x::x::x:


Good morning @pippajane, so sorry to read this - it is horrid isn’t it but it will improve as your healing body allows more mobility and gentle exercise, and as importantly your Bowel settles down. I know it must be infuriating to be advised that these are early days so I am ducking as I say this again. The Doctors use a minimum of six weeks post surgery as an important marker for lifting, driving, returning to work etc for a reason, - you have had major major surgery. I hope you have a good support network of friends and family around you, and really hope that you follow the ‘norm’ and start to feel better over the coming days, take very good care, Kim :x::x:


Hi @pippajane I am so sorry you are struggling - I truly do know your feelings of despondency. I felt that I would never again have a lovely nights sleep, but though it took a while to feel less pain and more confidence, I can honestly say that I now snuggle right down and sleep like I used to. The pain can take quite a while to ease in bed, I hated that I had to lie on my back as when I tried to lay on my side it felt like my stomach was tearing from inside, but slowly slowly you will find you can turn a bit and one day you will find you can lie more comfortably. If you look back on my posts you will see my desperation whilst in hospital that I couldn't carry on with it but the guys here were brilliant and we will get you through it too. Come back on with any problems and if we can't solve them we will at least be here for you in understanding :x::x::x::x:


Hi @ pippajane my husband really struggled with his stoma at first but now it is just a new way of life We look upon it as a friend as without he would not be here. Sleepless nights are awful as you never get the proper rest you need and that then makes everything more difficult to cope with. It will get better and you have done so well to get this far., so be kind to yourself. Have you got any more support at home from the nurses? You are also allowed to moan, it is important to vent those feelings and not bottle it in. This is a great place to do it, we all understand and have done it ourselves. Don’t forget to ask any question, no matter how trivial it may seem, somebody usually has an answer. Take care, love and hugs Caroline :x::x: