Life with bowel cancer


Brandon Bays the Journey

Hi all

Been reading this interesting book about a cancer survivor and her method of dealing with and claiming to get cancer into remission or cure.

Has anyone read this and what do you make of this Californian type of healing mind over matter. If it did or does work would it not be available more readily, have not seen any empirical evidence to show that it works.

What do you think?


@GD62 I haven’t read this but I have heard of Brandon Bays. My thoughts are that cancer patients need conventional treatments but having an openness to alternative approaches can maintain hope. I have been reading a book by Mary Gunn called “Well. A doctor’s journey through fear to freedom” and found it really helped- she combines conventional treatment with homeopathy and mindfulness. These kind of books do help me find a place of calm.



I think miracles can happen.but unfortunately not very often. You do hear about these one off cases but I guess that's the same with all diseases. You could say my hubby has been much much luckier than some even when they have been on the same treatment regime. By rights he should not really be NED and our oncologist seems pretty stumped by it.

To be on the safe side traditional chemo and treatments seem the safer bet :x::x::x:


Hi @WendySue and @Tiffany

Agree definitely believe in a mix of orthodox medicine and complementary and getting the best of both worlds.

Positive healing all :x::x::x: