Bowel cancer treatment and side effects


Interesting wonder how many in the forum take this and what their onc thinks?


I was asked to go on an aspirin trial by my oncologist where thry are looking at different dosages. I decided I would rather just take the aspirin, rather than risk being confimed to the placebo group!


My hubby had pulmonary embolisms last year and has been taking 75mg since finishing his Fragmin injections. Hopefully this helps to keep recurrence away too. :x:


I've been taking asprin since completing chemo for my recurrence two years ago. At the time my oncologist did not object. My bowel surgeon was supportive


Can you get 100mg to tablets as mine are 75 ? :x::x:

Carole B

I missed out on the trial because you have to start it within so many weeks - can’t remember now - but they said the higher dose wasn’t recommended for women of 75 or over and, since I was a few months off that, I was a bit concerned. Might be worth asking the colorectal nurses as maybe results have progressed since then.

springer michelle

I am on this trial. Its good to see it in writing. Im glad im on it. I had reservations at first because i didnt want to be on a placebo. But i know im on aspirin, although we dont get to know what dose, because i bruise easy now and if i get a cut i bleed more. But i like being on the trial because im closely monitored and have regular check ups and blood tests :x:


I double mine up.

Quote from @annie50C:
Can you get 100mg to tablets as mine are 75 ?


Ive been on 75mg per day since 2012 following a MI and was dignosed with Rectal cancer in 2015 so it didnt prevent me developing it, im on it for the rest of my life so it will be good if it helps prevent a reoccurrence.


Hi @itfc1959

I take a small cocktail of anecdotal medicines which include aspirin 150mg daily, turmeric 400mg capsule two or three daily, cur cumin capsule daily, omega 3 capsule 1000mg three times daily. It is probably ineffective but can do no harm and makes me feel as though I am doing something. Greent tea and turmeric teas and coffee too.

Positive healing :x::x::x::x:


@GD62 can I ask which curcumin tablets you take? Want to get some for my husband. I did make golden paste when he was first diagnosed which he took until surgery but doesn’t want to start it again as it’s not pleasant so capsules sound the next best thing :x:


@Lisa75 - I take the Pomi-T capsules, two a day, and if nothing else it helps with my tinnitus!


Hi @lisa I take some capsules from Holland and Barrett just one a day, with turmeric 400mg caps three times daily, omega 3 caps 1000mg three times daily and aspirin 75mg two daily :x:


I am on the trial too, aspirin with omeprazole. I also take lots of vitamins and supplements to strengthen my immune system and I have had private blood tests four months ago and two weeks ago and what a difference!