Life with bowel cancer


Help please

I have been talked into writing a book by a friend...... with the support of the charity I am looking for contributors and hoping some of you lovely forum members might be willing to contribute.....

I am looking to pull together some of the more amusing moments some of us Bowel Cancer sufferers experience without taking away from the seriousness of the situation and would look to include some background information on each contributor.

I want to use the book to raise awareness of the disease, and get people talking about their Bowel habits, and any symptoms they experience. I am also hoping to raise funds for Bowel Cancer UK through sales.

I myself am a stage 4 Bowel Cancer patient, some of my own experiences will be included in there too.

I would prefer to take down information verbally, this makes it easier for me to ask questions but also helps me to keep the style consistent throughout the book. Stories won't be verbatim, and will be my interpretation of the conversation we have. I am happy for any contributers to be anonymous but also happy to mention people by name if they would like.

If you would be willing to contribute please drop me a private message so we can arrange a time to talk.

Thank you!!!!


@Scattyblonde. I think this is such a great idea and I am sure you will get lots of funny stories from forum members.

I would suggest though phoning into the Bowel Cancer UK head office and speak to them about the best way forward and how they can help you.

Am tagging in a couple of staff members to see if they can advise more.

Good luck, Tiffany x

@Deborah Staff (CEO) @Sarah Staff (Support and Information)