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Wind Pain

I’m only three weeks post APR with permanent colostomy and the pain from wind is still very bad
I know in the great scheme of things this fairly trivial but is this something which eases with time or do we just have to live with it?
Any advice welcome please


Hi @pippajane - I was still in hospital 3 weeks post APR surgery and I remember getting this as well. I mentioned it to my surgeon when he came to see me when he was doing his rounds and he wasn't worried at all and said the bowel is still adjusting after surgery and in time it will settle, which it did. Might be worth mentioning to your stoma nurse if its causing you great discomfort as they may be able to recommend something to give you some relief. take care Ron :x::x:


Hi @pippajane I had this bad too in the beginning and took Windeze even in hospital with approval of stoma nurse and it really helped. Now I sometimes get a pain to the left of my stoma and find if I lie down and massage around it and bend my knees and roll them from side to side it relieves it quite quickly :x::x:


Hello @pippajane Have you tried peppermint elixir (chemist) or peppermint cordial from the supermarket..diluted with hot water and sipped continually Or Woodwards Baby Gripe water and I agree with @Stillme regarding the exercises Also ginger biscuits or bottled ginger in syrup is very soothing
Cath :x:


Thank you for the useful advice :x::x: