Life with bowel cancer


* Edinburgh lunch meet up changed to Tuesday 11th December *

Good morning all!

I've been meaning to arrange a date to meet up for lunch in Edinburgh for a while so here goes!

I'm hoping some of us can combine with a wander around the Christmas markets and attractions and perhaps get a bit of Christmas shopping done! 😩 I also wondered if anybody from further afield wished to combine with a cheeky wee weekend break in Edinburgh! Just a thought!

I'm tagging those who have been before as well as those of you who have expressed an interest in joining in. I hope I don't leave anyone out and if so, please don't be offended!

@Claireb1978 @Ally13 @charlie @DMR700 @Gypsy @Elmac @Liriodendron345 @mem @Highkaren @mikey83 @dennis @Adnyl @KatieR

Hope you here from you soon and at least if I have a rough idea of numbers, I can get a booking done soon as it will be busy!! I understand some will not be sure if they can attend due to appointments and chemo etc! I was thinking of same venue which is very central and handy for trains/buses and Christmas markets. It's Howies, 29 Waterloo Place, Edinburgh. I'm happy to go anywhere else of course, if someone can suggest a good alternative.

Lots of love,

Karen πŸ’›πŸ’šπŸ’™β€οΈπŸ’œ

Pixie O

Hi @Baxter2 news from my hospital bed πŸ˜‰. I should be fine for a Tuesday pending any further treatment. So I'm I'm a definite maybe. Something nice to look forward to, thanks for arranging it.


Great to hear from you all @DMR700 @KatieR and @Pixie O. I'll book a table including you all. I can always amend it nearer the time!

Pixie O I hadn't realised you were in hospital recovering! How are you doing?

Sending love to you all



Hello @Baxter2, thank you for this. I am really really really looking forwards to meeting everyone 😊😊 :x::x:


Hi @Baxter2 thanks for thinking of me but prob unlikely now this side of Christmas but will keep it in mind just in case. Have fun all of you :x::x:


Hi Karen @Baxter2 . I can't make that in December. Sorry but I hope you all have a great time.:x::x:


If things change @Bridget55 and @Gypsy I can always add you both!

@Liriodendron345 looks like Tuesday 11th is a date!

Looking forward to seeing you all!



Brilliant, cannot wait!!😊😊😊 @Baxter2, Kim :x::x:


pending outcome from meeting with surgeon on 1st Nov i will pencil in my diary x @Baxter2


Great @Highkaren! LOOKIMG forward to seeing you on the 11th!

Hope you had a brilliant holiday!



Just realised I hadn't tagged your correct spelling of name @charly sorry! 😜


Hi @Baxter2 - sorry haven’t been on to check what was happening lately! I am currently off work following my stoma reversal - all went well and recovery going according to plan. Unfortunately I will probably be back at work by the date of your meet. Work Monday to Thursday in Edinburgh so sadly not free on the 11th 😒. If it’s in school holidays or on a Friday next time I’d love to come along, although I know finding a day to suit everyone is probably impossible!! Hope you have a lovely time and please send my best wishes to everyone - I’ll be thinking of you πŸ₯‚❀️:x::x::x::x:


Lovely to hear from you @charly and great to hear you've had your reversal and that your recovery of going well! If you're not quite ready to go back to work by the 11th, please give us a shout and I'll add you on! It would be lovely to see you again! I'll tag you for the next meet up for sure!

Loads of love,



Thank you @Baxter2 - will let you know if I’m still off then, but definitely up for next time! Thanks for thinking of me πŸ˜ƒ
Lots of love to you too!
Charlotte ❀️


Looks great, thank you @Baxter2 πŸ˜€, Kim :x::x:


I would love to be a definite but can’t commit to anything till I know how John is going to be !
Cath :x::x:


Looking forward to it @Liriodendron345 and hoping you and John can make it too @KatieR



I forgot to tag you into the invite @Alan C! It would be great to see you if you felt able?

Sending all my best wishes



Hi @Baxter2 I was hoping to pop up for the get together, unfortunately now the date has moved I am unable to make it. I have a hospital appointment on the 11th. Maybe next time. I was reading your profile, I hope you don't mind me saying, I just could not believe how negative your first oncologist was, writing you of like they did. How strong of character you are to have persevered as you did. Many of us would not have been so strong.


Hi @steve707

I'm sorry you were going to pop up to Edinburgh but now can't because the dates changed! I do hope you can come next time though? It's always a challenge to arrange a date to suit most people.

Yes, I was recently told by a doctor that she suspects i have PTSD following the relentless negativity and the absolute crushing of my spirit I endured with my first Oncologist. I tend to agree as I feel it almost haunts me to this day! Happily, I've never ever met any other oncologist or surgeon remotely like her so my faith has certainly been restored. I honestly don't know where I found the strength from to pick myself back up from all that but I did!

Thank you for your kind words Steve.

lots of love and best wishes