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Support belts with stoma

My stoma nurses haven’t mentioned wearing a belt for support but I’m getting concerned about the risk of a hernia developing
I’m only four weeks post surgery so is it usually something they will sort at the first clinic appointment
Any advice welcome


Hi, my husband has developed a hernia, he was not given any advice about wearing a support belt until after the hernia appeared which was then to late so I would bring it up at your next appointment even if the nurse doesn’t mention it. All the best Chris :x:


Hello @pippajane. I was advised by my stoma nurse to wear ordinary light-medium control briefs all the time. She maintained that these could be used instead of the belt and so far and fingers crossed ............... take very good care, Kim :x:


Hi @pippajane I was given a band but then found stoma big knickers ( vanilla blush ladies level2/3 hernia support pantie girdle code VBLPGB6) were far far better and really comfy. I did also get a hernia support belt but thats mainly for riding horses etc. Hope that helps :x::x::x:


Hi @pippajane

Don't be shy I went on the stoma suppliers web site and ordered up everything knickers, belts and flange extender plasters just to make sure I don't shit myself at work. I must say the first month was leak and learn but for the majority of the time I have done well on holiday, full time work and recreation hardly leaking or shitting.

What is embarrassing is when your doing a consultation and the stoma starts gurgling like an old drain then lets a rip roaring trump. I look the patient straight in the eye with a straight face and say.....and you were saying.....let me have listen to your chest......they must think WTF was that.....

Positive healing :x::x::x:


:D Oh @GD62 you made me laugh out loud! :D
My stoma is usually very well behaved, yours seems to have perfect comic timing.


@pippajane Geoff had a belt , but more of a leak prevention narrow one that clicked into bags ,
Unfortunately hw still has developed a hernia!!!! Nothing to do with his daughter asking him to push her car. Or lifting ridiculous amount of stuff for his local rugby club 😡
But am I to know!!! :x::x:
@GD62 , sorry but you have a great way with words 😂😂 :x::x:


Thanks for all the advice and@GD62 for making me laugh even though it hurts!!


@GD62 your comment has given me and my family a good laugh tonight which at this difficult time for us is a real tonic 🤣👍:x:


@GD62 is the cool one on this - yes Anne is the same = and she uses a stoma supporting belt when she exercises. She went on the stoma suppliers website and dug through and then spoke to the staff who sent all the stuff over. So she bypassed the stoma nurse. I really went for videos on youtube about stoma's etc. and so we gained loads of knowledge. Our stoma lady was so busy and harassed she couldn't help that much!!


Hi, @pippajane I have some fab hernia support big knickers from vanilla blush, i prefer these to my band and always wear them i also have a wrap around hernia support belt that I use when im riding or at the stables, it just gives even more support to prevent a hernia. Hope this helps :x::x: