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Richard Staff (Support and Information)

Join us for Bowel Cancer UK's first Supporter Day!

Join us... and help shape our future!

Our first supporter conference will take place on Saturday 10 November 2018, 10am-4pm in central Birmingham

Perhaps you're a volunteer, fundraiser, campaign supporter or you’ve shared your story with us.

We are hosting a special day so that we can work together with you to:

- develop our strategic direction and key services
- inform our supporter programme and the journey we take people on
- create a future where nobody dies of bowel cancer

The day will also be a great opportunity to meet other supporters and people affected by the disease.

What's happening on the day?

You'll hear talks from our Chief Executive, Deborah Alsina MBE, snapshots of the charity's work from our staff and supporters, as well as a key note presentation from a leading figure in bowel cancer research.

Most importantly, your voice will be heard.

Lunch and refreshments are provided. You will be able to apply for travel reimbursement.

Spaces are limited, so please register now at

We look forward to seeing you!

Bear G

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Bear G

And I hope you don’t mind me sharing this Twitter post from yesterday, such a lovely thing to say.


It was an excellent day. I'm new to Bowel Cancer UK. An uplifting end to a week that started with the funeral of my younger brother who died of bowel cancer.


@Bear G et al

Looked like a wonderful day :x::x:

Steve - I hope you know how much you do really inspire people. What a wonderful twitter post and completely and utterly true :x::x::x:


Sadly I left the event early as I found the presentations on morbity and recovery rates too upsetting . I did meet some lovely people ,and we must remember that cancer is a sensitive and personal subject . Julie

Bear G

Hi @Strolls it must’ve taken a lot to go to the meeting after the funeral, so pleased you found it uplifting.

Hi @JulietheMeezermum I know what you mean but I think this type of meeting has to be clear about what we’re dealing with to allow the prioritisation of the charity’s work. Slightly different than the classic patient day. It’s a shame you couldn’t stay as the last talk was really uplifting about the future of surgery and the improvements already being achieved.


What a great day to be able to share our bowel cancer journeys.Fabulous speakers doing so much for this invaluable charity.Lovely to meet you Bridget55 :x::x:

Bear G

Thank you @Tiffany
I really doubt myself a lot. I hope I help but am not always sure. It’s such a boost hearing this sort of thing and humbling.


It was a great day and good to meet some of you there!

Sharon Cox

This looks like an excellent day.


I really enjoyed the day, and great to meet you @Bear G and @Chris82
I never realised how relatively small the operation is, and therefore how much the charity needs help. I was really inspired by the passion and care everyone involved demonstrated throughout the day
I too had to leave early but I spoke to Leanne Thorndyke who said they would publish the video footage

Bear G

You’re right @Nods - the charity only has an income of around £4 million, which may sound a lot but that’s less than the TV advertising budget for charities like CRUK!
It just shows what an amazing job Bowel Cancer UK does to achieve everything it delivers!


Absolutely agree. It's really challenging for a charity this size to do everything they would like to. For what reasons, people do not donate as much for bowel cancer as they do for other common cancers.


Sounds like you all had a really good and informative day ☺️. I have tried to make a few of you out on the photo but couldn't. I will def try for the next one @Bridget55 and what a lovey twitter post @Bear G :x::x:

Richard Staff (Support and Information)

Hi @EleanorJ I'm really sorry for the delay in replying, I've been away for a week.

Because the Supporter Day was mostly centred around focus groups and discussions, I'm not aware of any materials that are available to share. I will double check with colleagues for you though.

However we'll shortly be reaching out to everyone with surveys giving the opportunity to feed in your thoughts, experiences and ideas, and hopefully following this up with some more focus groups. I'll make sure these are promoted on the forum as soon as they go live.

Best wishes, Richard