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Bowel Scope Screening

I had a flexible sigmoidoscopy on the 2nd October as part of the Bowel Scope Screening scheme. They found 4 polyps in total. 3 were 0-1s (sessile) 2mm in the sigmoid colon. the other was 0-1s (sessile) 2mm in the descending colon. They were all removed / biopsied by 'cold biopsy'. I am still waiting for the biopsy results .....nervously.
Obviously if they come back suspicous then further tests / procedures will happen. However, if they come back as benign will I be offered a full colonoscopy to check the rest of my bowel as a precaution?

Mary S Nurse Advisor

Dear @chumley
Thank you for your post. The size of the polyps that were removed are small and in most causes they will be benign.The aim of Bowel scope is to find these small polyps early and remove them before they have a chance to get bigger and have the potential to change into something more serious. Polyps are usually very slow growing and can take many years to grow, also not all polyps change into anything more serious. There are are two kinds of polyps hyperplastic which are harmless and adenomas which have a small risk of becoming cancers. If 3 or more of your polyps are adenomas than they may call you back for a full colonoscopy but if they are hyperplastic or less than 3 adenomas than you will not need one.
Kind regards


Thanks Mary ;)