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That card that says "Need a loo Urgently" ...

I lost my purse a few weeks ago and with it my trusty card that states "This Holder Urgently Needs a Toilet" or words to that effect.

I don't fortunately have LARS, and I have only used the card once but to great effect -late one night when I had broken down I headed for a large Tescos, only to find the toilets locked due to renovation. I was directed to the nearest public loos which were too far for comfort so I waved my urgent card and got taken to the staff toilets - hooray!

It was like a talisman in my purse - I know I probably won't need it again, but I liked to have it. But for the life of me I can't remember who issued it - is it NHS or the stoma bag company perhaps, or one of the charities? Please enlighten me so I can apply for another.

Bear G

Hi @Terrish
Sorry about your purse, what a pain!

You can get those cards from Bladder and Bowel Foundation, I have one that I got from Macmillan.



Hi @terri m I have both a McMillan one and a just can’t wait card.. links as per above from @Polly 1

B :x:

terri m
Quote from @Bridget55:
Hi @terri m I have both a McMillan one and a just can’t wait card.. links as per above from @Polly 1


Hi lovely@Bridget55.. That message rearding the card was from @Terrish lol..😁 Must admit very simular names.... Hoping things okay your end xxxx😘


Thank you @Terrish, reading your post has prompted me to order one of these cards myself. I’ve had to fly by the seat of my pants a couple of times 🙈 (so to speak) so I’m sure this trusty little card will come in handy. :x::x:


Ooos @ terri m..losing it lol!
Doing well on maintenance regime. Currently at Penny Brohn Bristol for a few days :x:


Got one called Just Can’t Wait by applying on line and it arrived in a couple of days.