Life with bowel cancer


Gundogs lass checking in

Good morning. After a long break from the forum thought I would say hello to you all.
I hope you remember me. I'm now 36 so don't feel the 35 and under section appropriate.
Anyway I needed a break from the forum just to live my life a little.
I'm still on treatment and currently on a maintenance dose of cetuximab and 5fu.
Just to 're cap I had bowel surgery in Dec 2016 and chemo to supposedly mop up but it spread regardless. I ended up in hospital 6 months later with a huge belly and sepsis. So had a full hysterectomy in July 2017. I very nearly lost my life but clawed my way back.
Anyway there are still a few lesions in my pelvis and a few spots in a lung but so far every thing stable.
I'm not one for giving up so we battle on regardless.
My original diagnosis was T3N2M0.
My markers have been within the normal range for nearly a year although it has risen a tiny bit but still well within the normal range.
Just thought I would check in and say Hi, I'm still fighting and loving life I go match fishing, gundogs training and have somehow collected a flock of over 100 quail and chickens and sell their hatching eggs online. And I've bought 3 incubators too so I have my own hatchery going too. I prefer my animals to most people lol.
We've toured Wales in August and I drove 700 miles in a week and also did some sea fishing.
I also lost one of my beloved dogs to kidney failure 2 days after he was diagnosed. I worshipped that dog he had been my shooting partner for years and I still havnt really got over it.
Anyway that's enough waffling from me I've to get my backside up and to the hospital for my treatment. I actually look forward to going I guess it's what's normal to me now this is cycle 24.

(Keep smiling )


Hello@gun-dog-lass Our paths havent crossed as yet my husbands journey started in January 18 and he is having an APR on Tuesday 😳
I love your photos its good to see faces to go with the names ...we are into motorhoming ,fishing ,eating and Triking !
As a Yorkshire lass who has ended up in Lancashire I feel we are connected :x:
Cath :x::x:


Hello gun-dog-lass! Great to hear from you and lovely photos!:x::x:

david watt

great to see you are still doing well.
when people stop posting lots of people asume the worst.
Best wishes


Hello @gun-dog-lass, good to hear from and catch up on all of your news. There are a number of us on permant chemo ..... I have been on Cetuximab and 5FU since Jan 2016 and have been NED since July 2016. Take very good care, Kim :x::x:


Hello @gun-dog-lass, welcome back, lovely to hear from you again. I did wonder what you were up to, as I remember you had a right hard time of it. Now we know, living your life.:x::x:


Thank you everyone it's lovely to hear from you all. It's been a hell of a roller coaster. But I've a lot to be thankful for ive got an amazing family who always have my back and friends too.
And the nurses and staff at the haematology day unit are more like friends.
I've adjusted well to the life as a cancer patient and am almost 2 years into the battle.
And as I mentioned in my original post I had some real struggles to face. I was told in July last year I needed a radical hysterectomy but was too ill to have it. I had 4 days on anti biotics before been whipped down to theatre with bloods barely above what they needed to be. They also drained 7 litres of fluid off my abdomen from the cancer that had spread to my ovaries.
I've uploaded some pictures just so you can all see the battle I had to face and how far I've come from the 2nd op which nearly took my life.
So now we live every day to the fullest. I don't let anything hold me back and certainly don't allow cancer to prevent me doing the things I love.
No matter how difficult life may seem there's always something you can do and succeed at its important you just don't give up, the words of professor hawking there 😁


A few more snaps


Ok it won't upload any more pictures says internal server error


@mem is having problems too and has reported it. What a shame, as we would love to see some more doggy pictures.


Wonderful to hear from you again @gun-dog-lass :x::x:

springer michelle

Good to hear from you, we worry when someone goes quiet. I have taken a step back but pop in time to time. So sorry to hear about yr doggy! Keep up the good work, youre a battler and should be proud of where you are now. :x::x:


Thank you everyone it's lovely I wasn't forgotten. Like I say just been getting on with life around treatment


Great to hear from you @gun-dog-lass , So pleased that you have been getting on with life and enjoying everything. Sounds like you have been busy especially with all those quail and chickens. As springer michelle said it does worry you somewhat when you don't hear from someone. keep i touch. :x::x::x:


Great to hear from you @gun-dog-lass

I'm glad life has got back to some sort of new 'normal' for you! Sounds like you're doing just great!

Lots of love and very best wishes



Ahhhh, Hi again @gun-dog-lass , you were always a cycle of folfox ahead of me so I would always check up on you to see what delights were awaiting me on my next cycle!!!!. Sorry to here about your dog, but it is really good to hear you are getting on with life. Big hugsxx


Hi, good to hear you are doing ok. Being another Yorkshire lass and because we had surgery & chemo at almost the same time I watched for posts from you so I could compare symptoms! Great that you are getting on with your life (which sounds fabulous btw) :x:


Hi @gun-dog-lass so lovely to hear from you , and we can see from your piccies that you are doing well. Well done to you for getting in with your life. Sorry to hear you have lost your doggy. Carry on doing what you are doing, and hope all continues to go well for you. Love Diane :x::x:


hey @gun-dog-lass ! its good to hear from ya! keep smiling ;D


Thanks everyone nice to see some familiar faces

Bear G

Hey @gun-dog-lass
Sorry for responding late and that I haven’t been able to read all of the lovely comments you’ve had.

It’s great to hear from you and I completely understand you taking a little break from the forum.

It’s been quite a few months for you but really sounds like you’re handling everything really well. And I know what you mean about looking forward to your treatment - it’s the new normal for us and we know our chemo is working it’s magic for us!

Big hugs

PS. Fab photos!