Life with bowel cancer



Hi Everyone

Well had the colonoscopy and as suspected they found another spot on the rectum which they took a biopsy not sure why as we know what it is. Still confused saying I am a rare case and need to investigate further. Doing radiation now so I think one treatment at a time and keeping fingers crossed

Jen :(- xox


@crawfj sorry to hear you are feeling so sad, the middle of the night is a horrible time. They need to check anything they find - but I am sure you know that. You are right to think “one treatment at a time”. Thinking of you :x::x:


Morning @crawfj I hope you managed to get back to sleep. I remember being awake in the small hours and feeling so alone with terrible thoughts in your head. One step in the right direction is definitely the best way forward, and trying to concentrate on just that and not the next stage. The big positive is that they are being very thorough so that they can understand your case and give you the appropriate treatment. I was ‘non typical’ Dukes C, still to this day haven’t asked why, decided I didn’t want to know, but have gone through treatment and leading an almost normal life. Keeping my fingers crossed for your results. Try meditation to help you through the night, it really does help. Love D :x::x::x:


Hi @crawfj ... Jen, It's such a crap time for you. I know exactly where you're at. Its a case of adjusting to the life changing treatment yet again... and that's just crap when you've been getting on with life, trying to get back to 'normal' again...
Do you know what tumour type you had originally? For example..dMMR or pMMR?


How miserable for you @crawfj . Yes, one step at a time .....but that doesn't help when your brain is racing ahead and you want some answers. Others have benefitted from anti depressants, or as Diane suggests, meditation. I eventually asked to see a specialist oncology counsellor, which really helped.


Dear @crawfi Jen. I'm so sorry you are having such a rotten time and know that you are in pain too. Yes, I think one step at a time and one treatment at a time and hoping that it knocks it all back and helps to relieve the pain. Gentle hugs to you and I hope that you did eventually get some sleep. I must admit, I had sleeping pills for quite a while which helped hugely and there are other meds that can help too so do think about that and maybe ask your doctor? You feel better if you can sleep. With love and thoughts, Gypsyxxx


You are going through such a lot @crawfi and I’m sorry to hear this. I hope the radiation goes as well as it can and I will also have my fingers crossed for you. One day at a time and we are here for you :x::x:


Thinking of u & sending love 💕 & hugs 🤗 :x::x::x:


Thanks everyone and isn’t Bowel cancer supposed to come back as a polyp in the first stage mine came straight back as a tumour can’t understand all this ☹️😢


Good morning @crawfj

Sorry to read of your sadness and also horrible insomnia by the looks of things! 'Investigate further' is the positive in this I think. It sounds like they're onto it and being very thorough.

Sleepless nights are horrible as the worries seem to be much greater than during the is that?

Sending lots of love and a big hug your way!