Bowel cancer treatment and side effects



Hi John had his APR on Tuesday and was remarkably well until early this morning when he felt very ill and nauseous I got here at 10 am and he had projectile vomited everywhere
His stomach is swollen and nothing but 15 mls of weak brown fluid has come out of his Colostomy Since his operation
I am sure this is wrong
I think he is backing up and is vomiting fecal matter
Tell me what to do please ?


Hello @KatieR thinking of and hoping things have improved :x::x:


No We went home then returned John got admitted and yesterday ended up having his wound excised and a suction drain put in He has to stay in hospital and have another op on Tuesday to examine his wound again . .
Cath :x::x:


Oh no @KatieR, you must be absolutely exhausted. Sending you hugs and really hope that this will be resolved soon, Kim :x::x:


Oh no poor you @KatieR . Must be so stressful for you both. Hope things get sorted quickly. Thinking of you both. :x::x:


I am sorry to hear your latest news @KatieR. Best wishes to John, thinking of you both.
🀞 that Tuesday brings better news :x::x:


Oh @KatieR it sounds like you and your poor John have had a nightmare few weeks - I do hope that the surgery next week can be the start of sorting this once and for all and John is on the road to recovery and you can both get some time to rest and recuperate.
Sending love :x::x::x::x:


Thanks everyone I am just letting life wash over me I’m not going to worry He is being looked after and the Plastics Consultant is very attentive He keeps popping in to see John They have their own Theatre on the ward and although the staff are horrendously busy they are on top of his care and seem to know what they are doing ...
Cath :x::x:


A good plan @KatieR and it sounds all very positive. I hope you sleep well :x:


I hope that things will be better for John today @KatieR . You have both had a hard time. Sending love and healing thoughts for him. Love Gypsyxx


Love & healing vibes to John & strength to u :x::x:


Update John had the full Abdominal Perineal Resection which is drastic but now he is cancer free Hes still in hospital with a wound β€˜ abscess β€˜ but shoud be home anyday soon
The APR was not as bad as we thought it would be and john is very happy with his Colostomy
I am spending a lot of my day with john in hospital So am not keeping up with this forum as much as before
Cath :x::x:

island girl

You are such a lovely couple, sending love & big hugs, so pleased things are getting better πŸ€—πŸ€— :x::x:


Hello @KatieR good to hear that John is cancer free. You have both seemed very brave through all of the problems (or resilient) Very best wishes to you for a straightforward recovery :x::x:


You have both done so well @KatieR. Glad that things are improving and that John may be home soon. So happy that everything is getting sorted :x::x:


So pleased for you really deserve a break..lovely to read positive news.:x::x::x:


Fabulous news. Someone's going to have a wonderful Christmas 😊. :x:


Gosh! Just catching up
With all your news @KatieR!! What a rotten time of it youve both had!

I sincerely hope he’s now on the road to recovery!

Sending loads of good wishes and love to you both



Thanks again everyone Im just going to venture out Its raining sideways here Apparently he cant go home without a Vac Machine which draws fluid out of the wound and helps it to heal
Negotiations are afoot because we live in Preston but our District nurses are from Blackpool and the requests for this machine are tooing and froing between the two
Blumin annoying when he was told he could come home on Tuesday !
Cath :x::x:


Dear @KatieR. I really hope he will soon be home. Lots of love to you both.:x::x::x::x:


My hubby and daughter were born and bred in Preston @KatieR. We used to liver in Walmer Bridge near longton/penwortham.
Anyway, and far more importantly, here's to onwards and upwards for you both from now on! What a time of it you've both had and I'm sorry to hear it. Don't worry about the forum just you two get some well earned rest and recoup.
Love to you both :x::x: