Bowel cancer treatment and side effects



Hi John had his APR on Tuesday and was remarkably well until early this morning when he felt very ill and nauseous I got here at 10 am and he had projectile vomited everywhere
His stomach is swollen and nothing but 15 mls of weak brown fluid has come out of his Colostomy Since his operation
I am sure this is wrong
I think he is backing up and is vomiting fecal matter
Tell me what to do please ?


Great news @KatieR you must be so relieved. Time to get out the Toblerone to celebrate :x::x::x:


That's fantastic news!!! :x:


Great news :x::x:

Pixie O

Aww that's fab news, I was super happy to be back home πŸ˜‰


Thanks Everyone I am overwhelmed with all your lovely posts
I can’t believe how well he has done
He took all his IVs out as soon as the Consultant stepped out of the room One drain came out mysteriously and the other drain is tucked in his Ted Stocking... the phrase patient does not apply to John !
Cath :x::x:


Very good news @KatieR best wishes to you both 😊:x::x:


Great news @KatieR :x::x:


Fantastic news !! Xxx Annie


Great news! It will be easier once he’s back at home for both of you :x::x:


He is home So I may be away from the forum for a while
Thanks to you all ❀️
CATH :x::x:


Brilliant..... well done both of you....
I am home 8 days today. It feels wonderful.
Helpful tips.... get the inflatable cushion that your specialist nurses can organise. It makes sitting a tiny bit easier.
Supportive snug undies are a godsend.
Tell him to take a nap anytime the tiredness hits.
Big hugs Karen :x::x::x:


V well done πŸ‘ both of you ! Wish John a steady & full recovery. Love πŸ’— & hugs πŸ€— to u both :x::x::x:


In bed β€”before midnight ! ....its been a great day but also a very long day
Night All πŸ’•πŸ’•
Cath :x::x:


Brilliant ❀️


Super news @KatieR ❀️❀️


Great news ! So pleased for you and he must be sooo happy to ne home ! Xxx annie :x::x::x:


We have had a very happy day John brought me breakfast in bed. ! ! ....
A bowl of golden syrup with a spoonful of porridge in it πŸ˜‹ πŸ˜› 😝
I didnt think it was possible to have too much golden syrup. ? ?
He is very very well I cant get him to lie down or take it easy as usual
We watched Tv this afternoon and I thought he would nod off but he didn’t
Im ready for bed now and its only 5:15 pm
The dog is trying to follow both of us about at the same time just in case she gets exported to my friends again
A snooze is starting to look like a good idea
Thanks again for all your love
Cath :x::x:


What a lovely, uplifting, happy post to start the weekend @KatieR! He's a bit of a star on the quiet, isn't he?:x::x:


What a wonderful cosy picture of the two of you .. a fab start to the weekend @KatieR and room service as well.. lots of love take it easy xxx Anniexxx


Yes he is
When he was leaving the ward in his outdoor clothes the nurses were all coo ing over him and the ward sister called him a hunk πŸ˜€
All through his treatment and operations the staff have been very attentive and made a big fuss of him especially with his hilarious underpants on !
He is actually in bed now just to make me a liar
Ive made a massive apple and mixed frozen fruit sponge tray bake / pudding so he will have something yummy to eat when he wakes up πŸ’•
So I can snooze for 50 minutes whilst it bakes ...dont panic phone alarm set ...
Talking of alarms
We went for a walk on Tuesday to the hospital coffee shop
Coming back the lift stopped ...the doors ......did Not open

Then a voice said ...

Do not panic ..........

Help is coming .........

Well before we had chance to panic ........

the doors opened and all 10 of us shot out of that lift

Like the devil was after us

It was something I will never forget !

Cath :x::x: