Life with bowel cancer


Feature on cancer immunotherapy

In Science and Tech supplement of todays Observer. Refers to Keytruda - technicals of PD1 and T cells - I am sitting here pretending to understand it


:D:D @Lawsey very funny!
i've read so much about immunotherapy that now i actually do find myself understanding some of it! like magic eye posters - if you look at it long enough you will see something!
but you don't need to understand - i'll summarise: it is like a new religion crusading through cancer treatment and hopefully it will save us all. i am obviously a blind convert ;)
Hallelujah :x:


Good morning @Claireb1978 and thanks your post definately says it how it is. Does not look like its the magic bullet. So far I have had surgery one come Dec 5th and i can understand its logic e.g cut it out. I read so much on the c subject but dont feel further forward. I do learn from this forum posts like yours. If you are at Harefield again shout as I am not far away. Promise I wont bring any reading


Thanks for that pointer @Lawsey


Good wishes to you both :x::x: