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Polly 1

"Free" carer cinema tickets

Just wanted to post this in case anyone is interested and didn't know about it - we didn't.

If you have been awarded any level of PIP (and other benefits) you are entitled to apply for a CEA card (unfortunate name!) for Β£6 for a year which allows a 'carer' to go free. Most cinemas accept it - see website

Easy to apply for online you just need a digital image and copy of eg PIP letter and Β£6

I feel that it is a great thing for a cancer patient to take them away from 'real' life for a while and a lovely little treat for us carers 😊

Sarah Morgan

Thank you @Polly 1 for highlighting this. My husband has just been re-assessed for PIP so once this comes through, we will apply :x::x:


Thank you @Polly 1 for this info...... very useful :x::x:


Hi @Polly 1, for this information. I do like to escape to the flicks now and again, it’s quite therapeutic. How is your hubby bearing up with the treatment? I do hope he is feeling relatively well.:x::x:


Thanks for the info will look into it later.
I do have an 'insider' pass for my local cinema which gets me in half price but only on certain days.

Polly 1

Hi @Clancy @scruffysheep glad this info is useful

Going to the cinema isnt something we did very often but having gone to see one imax film we fancied when we came out and were talking about it I realised we had spent a good few hours and hadnt thought of cancer, treatments, appointments or anything! It is something we can do during the day so we go to the morning screenings when it's nearly empty.

I was just looking to see which other films we fancied, spotted the CEA offer and wondered if other patients/carers knew about it. If you put your postcode in on the website it gives you a list of all the cinemas where it is accepted - which seems to be most/all of them.


@dennis ... for info


Thank you @Polly 1 for this information πŸ‘πŸ˜πŸ˜‡