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Hi guys, hope you’re ok. I’m new to this forum after my partner Jon 37 was diagnosed with rectal cancer on Tuesday requiring an AP resection op at the end of the month then possibly chemo depending on further tests after that. At the moment I have a question about what our next steps would be regarding claiming on the life insurance/critical illness policy. Do we just go right ahead and do that now or wait to hear more news after the op? He’s self employed. Thanks :x:


What you can do very much depends on the "small print" = the terms of your policy so imposssible to say except tread carefully and take advice. A large lump sum in the bank at todays rates of interest might be better spent on paying off a mortgage to reduce monthly outgoings for example. Remember its a one off claim the policy will then end and no subsequent life claims would be allowed later.


Thank you Grober, I’ve checked the policy and it says it covers advanced cancer which I’m assuming Jon’s is because we were told it affected two nearby lymph nodes which the Consultant said was considered stage C ‘in the old system’. It says our critical illness cover was an ‘additional’ one which they reckon means the lump sum is paid and the life insurance policy continues. Which sounds promising if that’s the case. We’ll speak to the Macmillan advisors about it too. Thanks


Hi anna, we had the life insurance policy with aviva and had bought the CI add on, the first consultant told us to claim as it was an advanced cancer and we were paid out within 21 days with no questions asked of us. My hubby is a Dukes C or a T3bN1 because of nodes and local invasion. :x:


They paid us the full amount of the policy so now we don’t have one lol! :x:


Hi Mrs Moors, Thanks for your response. Is that the full amount of the additional critical illness cover? Do you mind me asking how much that was? :x:

Bear G

Hi @AnnaO
This really depends what it says on your husbands policy as they all vary. You’d need to get them to define ‘advanced cancer’ as this can sometimes only include people with metastatic disease.
In terms of claiming, you’d probably need to get the full staging from all your husbands tests and scans first. I’d suggest calling the insurance company to ask their advice.

In my case I had to sign info to allow them to ask my surgeon about the cancer, once it was confirmed I had stage 4 cancer they paid the full amount of my life insurance policy very quickly.

Hope this helps.
Big hugs


Thanks Bear,
We’ll see if we can get some advise about the policy then and take it from there. The Consultant did sound like they’d probably know more about the tumour once it’s out so we’ll wait and see. Thanks for your help. :x: