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Good news and bad news

I don’t know if you remember me hubbie David was diagnosed with stage two bowel cancer two years ago. Long story short he had radiotherapy ( couldn’t have chemo had serious side effects. Had tumor removed and now has a stoma bag. Well after that, all was well and he has been clear up til 6 months ago, and oh dear now has bladder cancer. Being treated and again stage two so fingers crossed we beat it again. Anyone else had bladder cancer after bowel cancer,


What a horrible thing to have happened @MaryH and so soon after bowel cancer. I am sending all healing thoughts for his treatment now. My Mum in law had bladder cancer, oh so many years ago now. She did well with the treatment (radiotherapy) and lived to a ripe old age. I believe that the treatment for bladder cancer is good but still, what a thought having been attacked by cancer again. Love Gypsyxxx


I remember you Mary as my husband was diagnosed around the same time as my husband Martin.I believe your David is probably under the same hospital as us.So sorry to hear that David has bladder cancer but stage 2 is good, so hopefully he will beat this.:x::x::x:

springer michelle

Oh no mary, sorry to hear this. Hope all goes well :x::x:


Hi @MaryH. That is just too awful for words! What a shock you must both have had.

You sound like you have a great attitude and you are totally correct - he has beaten it once so no reason he can't do so again.

Thinking of you both. Tiffany :x::x::x:


Hi @MaryH

That's really not fair! I'm just hoping that now you know all the tricks to get yourselves organised, sort out appointments, cope with treatments etc should be ahead of the game!

Have you found a really good "beating bladder cancer" forum ? If not, feel free to keep with us (I have had great support here for my husband's melanoma)

Best wishes to you both :x::x:


Oh @MaryH it never rains but pours does it. And I just dont know why!! And just before Christmas! Here is a big hug for you and ac sincere wish for you both that things will go well and the New Year will be full of hope and brightness after such a 2018 !!
XXX Here is everything good wish for you both at this time


Hi @MaryH , so sorry to hear your news, what a blow! Is this bowel cancer that has spread to the bladder, or a brand new cancer type? Only reason I ask is that treatment regimes may be different...

Sarah :x:


Hi @MaryH so sorry to hear your hubby’s news. I really can’t help with any advice for this type of cancer but zig hope his oncologist gets on top of it right away. I’m hoping Stage 2 is the same as bowel cancer staging, and that it is in early stages. Sending you great big hugs and lots of luck for David’s treatment. Love Diane :x::x::x:


It’s a new cancer. His treatment is restricted as he can’t have anymore radiation in that area as he had it for the Bowel cancer, which we be,ieve has now gone. Can’t take chemo tablets as he had serious side effects. They have treated the bladder cancer with chemical inserted once a week for six weeks and having a biopsy to see what has happened. I’m a bit worried as at first he didn’t have any pain but now is getting quite a lot.

He did get as ill with the bladder cancer as he did with the Bowel cancer so we were quite shocked. But heh ho on we go still feeling positive. I believe bladder cancer is one that is quite curable. :x:


Just to say hubbie had biopsy last week and they didn’t see anymore cancer. Just have to wait for the results. X so far he is still clear of the Bowel cancer and as they said this is unrelated and that’s a good thing if you can call it that. 😻😻