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Travel Insurance with Chemotherapy

Hi All

My husband is newly diagnosed with Stage 4 Bowel Cancer and going onto 12 cycles of Chemotherapy. We were thinking about having some weekends away in the UK to keep spirits up. Technically we don't have to have travel Insurance as he will be in within the NHS and they aren't going to be very expensive trips - if the excess and premium was high it wouldn't be worth it! I thought I would try and get a couple of quotes though just to see and my existing Insurer and Staysure have turned it down - I think because he is on current chemo. It has spread to his liver. He has no operations planned currently and is not terminal. Nationwide said they wouldn't insure him if he was terminal.

This has also made me a bit nervous about whether in the future he would get cover to go abroad - i wouldn't expect us to go abroad unless he was on a chemo break but we would like to make the most of things

Does anyone know if you can get Insurance while on Chemo and which company did you use?




Hello @Katyedt and welcome to the forum!

I'm sorry about your husbands diagnosis. I wouldn't have thought you would require insurance for a uk holiday unless cancellation insurance? This topic has been discussed on various threads and if you type travel insurance into the little search icon at top right of page you'll find previous posts pertaining to this.

I'm on continuous chemo and stage 4. I've been on a cruise and a holiday to Majorca during chemo. Today I'm having my little pump disconnected and will be flying to Fuertoventura tomorrow for a week. I've used, ' insurancewith' and can't quite remember the name of the other one but the previous posts will help you. This time we have taken out the offer of insurance through my husbands work which covers everything.

Hope you get things sorted out. Holidaying whist in active chemo is def possible or even with a week delay of easier.

Good luck and very very best wishes,



Hi @Katyedt concurr with Karen. I used Allclear and declared stage 4 and have purchased insurance for both uk and European holidays :x::x:


I’ve used boots and declared all my partners stage 4 stuff. Have to say I found it really gruelling the first time I did it. Not long after the diagnosis the questions made it seem all too real... busy still totally worth it for the holiday! Just brace yourself for the questions and have some support or a cuppa with someone after! :x::x:


Thanks for your responses. Yes it would be cancellation only and we are not going on very expensive breaks which is why it might not even be worth having the Insurance but I wanted to check.

I have now managed to get quotes with All Clear. All clear have said to do single trip with them if it is UK only. I had asked for an annual policy purely because I was trying to tag it on to an existing annual policy but I can see that single trip would be lower risk from an Insurance company’s point of view.

The only thing currently he is waiting for results and that pushed the premium up LOADS. So I think he will get the results and hope they are ok for us to get a reasonable premium afterwards.

Does anyone have experience of getting quotes while awaiting results or getting quotes if you are terminal?


Enjoy your hols @Katyedt I have been on lots of mini breaks around the uk and loved it. Also plan European travel next year. Go for it. Maybe build up confidence 1st on Uk trips on being away from home environment. :x:


Hi @Katyedt

I think as soon as you mention the 'T' word they get twitchy. I always think this is very subjective anyway. I think sticking to the stage 4 cancer diagnosis is better. I did mention terminal once and it all changed. They wanted to call me back in a week after consulting underwriters and medical expert. I don't consider myself terminal anyway.....I'm going to live forever! 😉

Best wishes and good luck!

Karen 💜💛💚❤️💙


Hi @Katyedt welcome to our forum. I have also used ‘insurewith’ and have found them very good. I have travelled to The a States and Europe but have to take out a separate policy for each trip, was unable to do an annual one. Hope you have a wonderful holiday love Diane :x::x:


We had Insure With for our recent cruise. Really good price for insurance. Sod’s law Andy was ill on the cruise and was in hospital on the ship $4000 bill. I was advised by Ship Doc to phone insurance co and get a case reference as soon as he was admitted. Young lad on phone said we don’t need a case reference it would be fine as long as we submitted claim within 3 months. WRONG advice- when we sent off claim documents we were initially told it wasn’t valid as we didn’t have a case ref but luckily got this changed as we explained and had an email from young lad and we were paid. In summary- if anyone gets ill and needs to use their insurance make sure they give you a case reference at the time! :x::x: