Life with bowel cancer


Thank you...

I just sent this privately to @Baxter2 but then thought that praise should be sung out loud, this is what I sent her but it is equally for all those of you who stay here throughout your own struggles and are a constant source of inspiration and hope to others. I am sorry that I can't think off hand of other names but everyone knows who you are....

"Hi - I just wanted to say that although I hope and pray to any being that will listen up above...that I don't have a recurrence, you and your postings and whole persona and outlook inspire me so often. Your post today about swimming in the sea and feeling so full of life really struck a chord - just wanted you to know how much you help so many people :x::x:

terri m

Lovely posting @Stillme .. I totally agree that @Baxter2 is such a very inspirational lady & is just like our fairy godmother on this forum.. @Baxter2 Thank you from me for giving us all hope xxxxxx💖💖💖


Yes I agree @Stillme, @terri m, Baxter2 was one of the first people I spoke to on this forum. I think your outlook and zest for life is definitely worth bottling @Baxter2. :x::x:


I just realised I wasn't doing anything to take away from @Bear G posting about @DianeS and thanking her, there are a few people on here whose sheer determination and grit and positive outlook just inspire us all :x::x:


Aww, thank you @Stillme I am truly humbled! I just do for others what I can when I can, like we all do. I must admit, today’s swim in the sea was absolutely awesome. I really felt so alive and deliriously happy. Back home to reality tomorrow night to the cold and chemo!

Lots of love to you all @Stillme @terri m and @Clancy



That’s what I admire about you and GD62, you get your holidays and mini breaks in. What HIPEC and cytoreductive surgery? ? Unstoppable lol, sending love.:x::x:


Couldn’t agree more@Stillme! Between @Baxter2 and @Bear G, I’ve had more positive information about this bloody disease than any of the medicos I’ve consulted.Long may they continue!


Yes how I agree with all the above! I loved the image of you swimming @Baxter2 and could picture it so well and rejoice in your joy and happiness. :x::x::x::x:


Thank you all so much @bogongbelle and @Gypsy

I've also had more information and support on this forum from all of you lovely people!

This is our last day here and it's glorious! Heading to the beach (only a 2 min walk! ) where I'm hoping to experience the sheer joy of swimming in the sea without a care in the world!

Love to all you wonderful people!



I also agree with above! @Baxter2 you are a star ⭐️ 😘 :x::x::x::x:


I wholeheartedly agree with what's been said in here . Without this forum and people like @Baxter2 I would not have coped so well . It's the encouragement and private message checking you are ok which have helped so much . Knowing that others have experienced something similar is reassuring and shows we must never give up hope :x::x::x:


What a lovely post @Stillme, I wholeheartedly agree with all that everyone has said.

I think without this forum and you lovely lot I wouldn't be coping in the sometimes muddled way that I am. I can remember the feeling of blind panic when this all started just over a year ago and it was this place and all the wonderful people who post and answer questions, reassure and just listen and totally 'get' it

Lots of love to all and strength in our struggles :x::x::x::x: