Life with bowel cancer

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Hi Shellblue

Hi @shellblue just spotted your (first) comment on another post. Welcome to the forum!

I hope all is going OK with your treatments - I can just see you now dancing and singing along to Mama Mia 🙂

If you have any questions or queries just ask :x:


Good morning @shellblue yes welcome here and I am glad this very supportative and informative forum. My wife Anne had almost the same as you over five and a half years ago. She had loads of treatment and it was a very uncertain timr = but we have just heard that her CEA is now 0.6. Which means she is well in remission. She feels well and is active. So, it can be positive and go well = like you she dances for an hour every night to music channels.
Hans :x::x:


Hi @shellblue, welcome. I hope you get the loving support that this forum sends out. We are all on our different pathways regarding treatment/surgeries, with the main aim to live our lives. My go to music is Latin American/Enrique as I am vacuuming and cleaning, really lifts my spirits. Stay in touch.:x::x:


Hi and welcome from me too @shellblue ☺️ :x::x::x:


Hello and welcome from me @ Shellblue :x::x::x:


Hello guys
Thank you so much for your messages - it means a lot.
Love Enrique too! He was amazing in concert.
Hope it's ok to follow you all.
Michelle :x::x::x:

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Hello @shellblue how are you? Hopefully the treatments are going well :x::x: