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Lost the plot!

I have completely lost the plot since my end of chemo scan! I have been reassured by my team that the inflammation in my lung is just that and nothing sinister, but the anxiety is crippling me. Everytime I speak to my team I feel reassured, but then I come away and my mind goes crazy. I used to be such a laid back person and now I can hardly recognise myself. Has anyone else had post chemo inflammation that didn't turn into something else? All this worrying is exhausting!

Jodie :x:


Hello @Jodie, I am really sorry to hear about you feeling as if you are losing the plot, but I think that you are going to hear from a lot of people who have gone through the same. There has been a lot of recognition that people often do not feel better after treatment has finished and it may well be a good idea for you to talk with your GP about counselling, or Macmillan about their courses. Although I am on permanent chemo, the counselling that I received through my hospital really helped me to cope. Be kind to yourself, and you are NOT losing the plot, take good care, Kim :x::x:


Hi @ch7091 I too had an inflammation in my lymph nodes in my lung and it turned out to be something minor . It is a worry when things are picked up by scans etc ,but my consultant did say that that's often the trouble with them . They discovery defect in our bodies and some are just there and our bodies work very well . The important thing is they show which bits need looking at and dealing with and the other bits which can be left alone . You are not losing the plot just try and worry a little bit less :x::x:


Dear @ch7091 jodie. I am so sorry for the crippling anxiety that is there when your mind goes into over-drive. I think that with cancer, we just get so used to worrying about potential bad news that we somehow can't accept anything that comes along that sounds good. I think I would go to the GP about this and see if you can have some meds plus counselling to help. I wouldn't hesitate to do that. You've survived B cancer and its treatment- you need and deserve a break now! Hugs, Gypsyxxxx


@Jodie I am totally on your page. It is very very hard to distinguish between what is of concern and what is less concerning. But by nature I am a worrier.
I am now receiving counselling and tried reflexology - I am looking within for stillness. But we all totally get that very real anxiety :x::x::x::x:


Hi @ch7091 . Yes, I have had a similar situation, and yes, I drove myself mad also!’ My team weren’t as reassuring as yours and prepared me for the worst, but it hasn’t happened, yet! So I totally get the head spinning, googling, exhausting round of worry and anxiety. All I can say is, it wore off as the years passed. Please try and believe your team, keep up with your check ups and stay vigilant. And TRY if at all possible to relax. It sounds so easy when I say it!:x::x:


Luckily my lovely nurse phoned today to say CEA has decreased from 3.7 to 1.6 so they are very happy with that. Phew! I've booked myself in for some more counselling, but Im feeling much better since these results have come through.


That is excellent news @ch7091 and i’m so pleased about the counselling: i’m sure that it will help, take very good care, Kim :x::x:


So pleased you have received some good news @ch7091 it’s such a relief! Counselling is a great idea. I’ve tried a few things now, hypnotherapy, and mindfullness. Both have really helped. Love D :x::x::x::x:


Gosh that’s marvellous @ch7091 🙂


Hello @ch7091. When I finished my chemo a year last September, I had a CT scan and they told me at The Christie that everything looked fine but there was a speck on my spleen. Naturally I was panicked, imagining all sorts and it took away all the joy I should have been feeling at the end of chemo. I had a further scan early this year and after an agonising wait I was told that everything was clear. I remain well and working and I'm on the five year surveillance programme.
I've also had counselling through my work at Salford Royal and found it very helpful. It's changed my whole mindset.
Best wishes to you and to everybody in the forum. :x::x::x::x: