Wellness during and after treatment



I am a keen runner however I am 1 week into post surgery after recently being diagnosed with bowel cancer. Looking for advice around returning to excercise


Hi @debbie88 I too have always been into fitness and running, did so during radiochemo. However after first surgery this was reduced. Right down, gentle walks no gym sessions. Danger maybe around hernia if overdo it. Of course it all depends on you, your age (I’m 72 now) 2 years since op, and your level of fitness.
Also take note of your hospital team, they’ll give advice from their perspective. When you get to the point of training get a personal trainer and work on sessions which are best for you.
I now run 5k three times a week with gym work at other times. Take care and enjoy your life to the level that’s right for your recovery. :x::x:


Thank you and glad to see you are still running and enjoying life :x:
I’m 47 and relatively fit and run 3-4 times a week usually around 10k each time. I also dot HITT 3 x weekly
Yeah my nurse has said to start with gentle walks and building on this with abdominal excercise coming much later down the line. Finding it difficult when I have been so active but my health is priority


Hi @debbie88 there is a scheme available in many places called MoveMore /Macmillan they have advisors who can guide you towards suitable exercise/classes etc., it might be worth you looking them up (although it sounds early days yet!) Best wishes to you :x::x:

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Aww thank you I’ll give them a try it is very early days for me And appreciate the advice and support from others who have been in this situation :x::x:


Hi @debbie88 and welcome

I hope you have already found that your basic high level of fitness had been a huge advantage.

Although I am older and much less fit, I found the big issue was that I always wanted to do a bit more than I was capable of....then I would get twinges of pain and get disheartened. I would advise keeping a diary of your exercise routine so that you can see small improvements (walking is always good)

Best wishes


Hi Debbie, I had my resection in March and I was back running at six weeks, but very gently. I dont me if you are having chemo but I struggled to run after I got to three months of treatment as I was often breathless. So I joined bodypump classes instead! That meant I got a good workout, but it wasn't so aerobic so I managed it just fine (well, the bits I didn't manage I wad usually killing myself laughing, so it was good fun anyway!)

Hope that helps, Jodie


Hi. Not sure if I have anything much to add but wanted to add a word of encouragement. I have managed to keep up exercise while on treatment, including a few 10k races while undergoing chemo.

It’s all about training properly and listening to your body. It might be worth a physio appointment too? I found I got good advice when in hospital after surgery, but really you need a plan for the next six weeks, particularly to build core strength.

In terms of building up cardio ability, do you have access to an exercise bike or cross trainer? They are much lower impact than running to start you off.


Hi @debbie88

I know how you feel about exercise and always get worried about all that impaction on my joints or dislodging a hernia after weakened abdominal wall post surgery. So I prefer putting on my best cycling gear and peddling down to the shops. I prefer a ladies bike and so does @Baxter2.

Good luck and positive healing.


@GD62 you're hilarious! Love it!

Hope you're doing alright and trying to behave?!