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AP Resection op

Hello, I’m looking for some advice. My partner Jon, 37 is having an AP resection procedure. Anyone know roughly how long he’d be in surgery and I know everyone’s different but approximate recovery time for an otherwise well and fit young man? Thank you

Bear G

Hi @AnnaO
I had an anterior resection just over 5 years ago and the main thing I’d say is that this is a fairly routine op these days. As I recall it was less than 2 hours on the table but that can vary unite a lot, I’d suggest asking his team what they anticipate.
You’re quite right that recovery can vary, it is affected by a lot of thungs like how fit Jon is and whether they were able to do the op as a keyhole surgery or if they have to make a slightly longer scar. Either way he’ll probably be up and about within a day or so and then gradually getting more mobile.
He will get very tired very quickly for a few weeks as his body is busy recovering and healing from the op but so long as he takes things easy he should have a steady recovery.
I was fully recovered and back to gentle training within 6 weeks.
This is a really good booklet from the charity that has recently been updated and should hopefully help to answer a few of your questions:
Please ask away with anything and hope all goes well.
Big hugs


Hi @AnnaO
Just a quick reply in case the operation is today. ....mine took over 5 hours, no complications but I needed an unexpected temporary stoma. I was in hospital 3 nights and recovered gradually over about 6 weeks (and I was nearly 60)

Best wishes to you both.


Hello. @AnnaO, just to say that I had a resection in May with a temporary ileostomy (just reversed). The op took about 6 hours, I had 5 days in hospital and six weeks off work (although I did some work from home by the end. The main point is don't underestimate how much time it takes to recover, I thought I would be back much quicker as I was otherwise healthy and went running regularly etc ... but this is rest and recovery time needed now and you don't get another chance. Good luck and hugs 😀 :x::x:


Hi @AnnaO. Is an AP resection short for abdominoperineal resection? If so I think it’s a bit longer than an anterior resection but I know there’s a few on here that have had one. If you type the full name in the search engine then it will bring up some posts about this :x:


Thank you everyone, the Consultant came to us before the op and confirmed it’s an abdo perineal excision Jon’s having with a ‘something’ flap that will take 4.5 to 5hrs to do so I’m just waiting for them to call me back now. Fingers crossed for a speedy recovery. :x:


Hi @AnnaO - I think you might be referring to abdominoperineal resection known as APR surgery? If it is, I had this procedure in October 2016 and I'm doing okay. Hope Jon's op went well and please feel free to send me a pm if you have any questions. Ron :x::x:


Hi there my operation took 10.30 mins.

Wishing you the best :x::x::x:


Hi @AnnaO . I had APR surgery last week. All went well - no complications but was in theatre for over 7 hours. I am recovering well at home albeit early days, Went out for walk today. Very best wishes. :x:


Hi @AnnaO. My surgery was nearly 9 weeks ago. APR and permanent sidekick... I think it was a 6 hr surgery, can’t be sure, I was asleep🤣🤣🤣
10 days in hospital cos I needed 5 days IV antibiotics for a minor infection.
Doing well at home. Walking driving, off painkillers except for special occasions, thinking about getting back to work, but sitting is still tricky for long periods of hour or so is ok but a couple of hours would be tricky...
We will be here for you both... sending love. K :x::x:


Hi there it's depends on lots of factors but it was in for 10 hours having Apr and then a week in hospital. I was told to lay on my side for 6 weeks and get plenty of rest.
After that started good recovery.

All the best

George :x::x:


Hi @AnnaO . I had an APR nearly 4 years ago. The op took about 6 hours and I ended up with my new friend which I found very easy to manage. Was in hospital for 5 days and slowly built up my strength at home. The bottom area was the sore bit and took about 6 weeks to settle completely. With the help of a special cushion borrowed from the hospital it wasn’t too bad. I eat and drink what I like. Jon is young and fit, so I’m sure he’ll recover well. All the best :x::x::x:


Thank you everyone for your replies. Jon’s op went according to plan and despite spending a bit longer in recovery than we thought he would trying to manage the pain relief he made a quick recovery and was discharged 6 days later. He’s doing well at home gradually getting used to the workings of the bag and just finding the rectum wound a bit uncomfortable now. But still he says at least it’s not as bad as the pain the tumour was causing so good riddance! :x:

lorraine grant

@AnnaO this is good to read and I'm glad your husband is on the mend already. I'm going for the same op on the 10th and really quite worried. I've got no symptoms or anything so while glad the tumour will be removed I'm not looking forward to feeling unwell. Hopefully Jon continues to do well. :x::x:


It must be a worrying time for you @lorraine grant. But hopefully you’ll make a good recovery and will be back to feeling yourself again soon. All the best. :x: