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Manuka honey

Hi everyone,

So basically my mum has been having a teaspoon of high end Manuka honey since middle of August my mum started chemo in September and her white blood count has always been stable at .. 4.5. Anyway cut a long story short my mum stopped taking it 3 weeks ago because her stoma got blocked. We had bloods yesterday and her white blood count had dropped to 2.3.... am not saying it was the Manuka honey that kept it stable but just strange that mum stopped having it and her white blood cell count lowered.


That is interesting @smiggs05 . I also use Manuka honey sometimes even though it is very expensive. I think I'll try to include a teaspoon of it each day from now on and will report back if there are any WBC issues.


Hi @smiggs05 this is very interesting to read. I’m concerned with my WBC which has fluctuated between 2.9 and 3.7 since last Feb. My bowel nurses say it’s nothing to worry about however. I think I’ll start taking it too and see what happens. I’ve just had a blood test and will be due one in Feb and if there’s any change I will post it on the site. Ps. I should add that although my count is low, I seem very healthy in terms of colds and bugs. I work in a school so am at risk of bugs. :x:


This is very interesting to read as I have started taking Manuka honey this week and it's encouraging to hear your mum's progress. Thanks for sharing :x::x:


Thanks @smiggs05 , I know that Honey Mel helps with the blood count, but had no idea the manuka does too! Both are expensive but it’s nice to have an alternative option!

Sarah :x:


Hi @smiggs05. I'm not overly familiar with a blocked stoma and what you do to resolve it, but if your mother stopped taking the manuka honey..did she also alter other aspects of her diet?
If removing the manuka honey was the only change she made to her diet, and her lifestyle (activity, sleep/rest) didn't change then there could be some form of argument for the lack of manuka honey causing the white blood cell count to drop.
I gave my mother manuka honey one time to try to raise her white blood cells..not sure if it was the extra week between chemo cycles or the honey which did the trick.
I will however be giving her manuka honey and her tesco multivitamins this weekend when she starts her chemo again!☺


Hi @Jaap as much as I have tried to alter my mothers diet she just won't listen, with the blocked stoma we had to go A and E which resulted in the doctor putting his finger inside the stoma to removed the "hard poo" and then put on laxatives incase there was any other blockage which the second time there was corn involved, how it got there we have no idea as my mother stays away from a lot of things which can block the stoma.

I really need to get mother back on the vitamins

Good luck with your mum :x: