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Squatty potties!

2 or 3 years ago I read here on the forum about squatty potties but didn't take much notice, having an ileostomy at the time. And no mention since, although it should be of interest to most of us.

Last week I read a long and detailed article (in The Guardian in a cafe) and the reasoning behind the idea made a lot of sense i.e. raising your feet by7-10 inches when sitting on the loo, to straighten the bowel. I have started experimenting and think it is helping.

So has anyone else tried this? Or anyone else want to experiment with me?

(Obviously not a genuine squatty potty, an upturned laundry basket works for me)


Hi @Lizalou I have a traditional style wicker picnic basket that I keep spare toilet rolls in and I use that to raise my feet as you have described (can't believe I am sharing this but bowel cancer gets you used to it!) I was given this tip a few years ago by a nurse when I was suffering from pelvic organ prolapse.., it definitely helps me, I wonder what else is used in place of squatty potty :x::x::x:


Thank you for this info/idea @Lizalou I am going to try something similar. I may borrow your idea or @mops - good to use something that’s already in the loo.


Had my squatting stool for about a year now @Lizalou .Bought it on eBay for about a tenner.It tucks away below the toilet pan.I find it definitely helps with better evacuation and it's the only time anything resembling 'logs' happens.Shame I can,t take it to work!
Also having a water faucet(like the Asian countries use) has saved a fortune on toilet paper as well as preventing soreness.


Hi @Lizalou, I use a couple of large rigid shoe boxes, which have been really useful since my reversal 3 weeks ago. The position you are propped into is somehow more comfortable and things just work better that way. I am also extremely happy to have my bidet, which was in the house when I bought it ... I never realised quite how happy that would make me one day!