Life beyond bowel cancer


There is life after!

Hello all. I haven’t posted in a very long time, I needed to totally forget about cancer for a while. But a friend told me this week she has breast cancer and said my recovery was really giving her hope so I thought I’d drop in and write a quick post in the hope it helped someone. I had stage 3 diagnosis in Feb 17, resection in Apr 17, 7 cycles of Oxy June-Nov 17. At the end of treatment I had gained 3.5 stone. The neuropathy was very bad, I was in pain from bad knees and back. I have taken my recovery slowly, I stopped work so I could give myself the best chance of getting healthy (I have kids aged 3 and 8 so there isn’t a lot of time). I’ve built things up gradually and I’m now 7 stone lighter, eating well, running, playing tennis, working on my core strength, and generally feeling like a new person. I’ve had the one year scan which was clear. I know no one knows what lies ahead but I wanted to say if someone could have showed me the difference a year made I don’t think I would have believed them. I had Cognitive Behaviour Therapy during treatment which really helped. Take things slowly and be kind to yourselves :x::x:

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That’s a great anniversary to celebrate - a year of clear results @Swanseacat, well done! 😊

Thank you :x:


Marvellous news @Swanseacat :)


@Swanseacat this is a Lovely post 😊
Continued good health and many Blessings to you 🌺


@Laura74 thank you so much :x:


Lovely to hear from you @Swanseacat . It sounds as if you have worked really hard on a whole new lifestyle so congratulations. :x::x:


Wow, that's amazing @Swanseacat , well done you :x::x:


Great update @Swanseacat !

Keep up the good work!



That was a really timely post for me @Swanseacat .
I have finished my treatment which sounds similar to yours, having been diagnosed in February 18.
I'm 10kg heavier than when I started and have no stamina or energy to start exercising.
You have given me permission to take it slow and celebrate the small milestones.
Thanks for sharing


@Lizalou @Baxter2 @Hollyhock thank you! @kolonodron well done on getting through treatment! Yes take it very very slowly, if someone had told me I had to get to where I am now, back then, it would have been too overwhelming and I would have given up completely. So celebrate the small wins, eating one good meal, taking one short walk, and build on your progress. I'm always happy to chat if that helps. All the very best, Catherine :x::x::x:


What a fantastic post @Swanseacat . I'm so happy to read it!:x::x:


@Gypsy thank you :) :x:


Great to read your update @Swanseacat :x::x:


Fabulous brilliant seeing successful news :x::x:


You're looking fab @Swanseacat! Fab post and thanks for sharing ☺️:x::x:


Well done!! I had my resection May 17 and echo taking it slowly. :x:


Such great news @Swanseacat. Some of the posts that I’ve read today have been really up-lifting. So pleased that you are feeling so much better. :x::x::x:

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@Swanseacat , absolutely fabulous! Merry, merry Christmas 🤗🤗 :x::x::x: