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Add Aspirin trial

Is anyone else on the add aspirin trial? Would be interested to compare side effects!


I am. I don't want to alarm you at all, but to be honest it's my understanding that you shouldn't really have any side-effects. The main risk I believe is of bleeding and you should check with your trial team if you think you are getting that. Are you on the run-in period or the main trial?


What’s the Add Aspirin trial?


It's a large scale double-blind clinical trial to see if Aspirin helps reduce the risk of recurrence after treatment for several types of early stage disease (not just bowel). They are testing two dosage levels, plus a placebo. More here: www.addaspirintrial.org/

springer michelle

I am on it. No side effects apart from bruise easy and bleed a bit if i scratch myself. And its good cos you are regularly checked, blood tests and loads of questions to see how things are :x:


Hi, my husband is on it. He has had no side effects. :x:


Been on this since April @Swanseacat. No unusual side effects so may have drawn the placebo straw in the randomisation.


Hi @chris61 @Mrs2017 @springer michelle @m_1 thanks for replying. I’ve been on the trial for about a year, recently had the dose reduced as I was getting bleeding gums, bruising very easily, was anaemic and had low platelets! So my guess is I was on the 300mg and am now on 100mg. Things seem to have returned to normal. I do wonder if it makes me irritable though, or if it’s just me!!!


@Swanseacat I’m not because I’m not convinced they have dosages correct. Everything outside of this trial I have read on aspirin is that you do not need more than a baby (75mg) a day so I do that instead. If you are taking aspirin it’s worth looking at taking with berberine (something else I do). Lots of research on pubmed but speak to your onc. It could be that they won’t want you to do it if you are on a trial. Either way aspirin should not be causing pain. :x::x:


@soph86 that’s interesting I will take a look, thank you :x: