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Christmas ups and downs

Just wanted to type this message to everyone as I know how you will all be feeling any feelings even more acutely with the onset of Christmas. Funny how this event focuses our minds. I was Christmas shopping on Saturday with all the shoppers busy and the Xmas music, but I had tears in my eyes as wondering if this would be the last gift I buy for my dad.
no wisdom to offer, but wanted to send you all my best wishes and hugs at this happy and sad time of year. :x::x::x:


I was exactly the same when I was wrapping my Dad's present last week...I've even bought him an extra gift to make sure in my mind that he will still be here for me to give it to him.
I've cancelled a few invites as I just can't deal with small talk, big talk or enforced cheer. Just about dealing with the school run, dog walking and household chores.
Thinking of everyone who is struggling and hoping that one day I will be able to feel happier at this time of year. Chin up eh :x::x::x:


GWA1974 - that sounds exactly like me. hopefully the kids will give us the cheer we all need, I know my mum and dad will enjoy them too. chin up as you say. :x::x:


Our first Christmas without David. We went to a lovely service at our hospice on Saturday evening called Light up a Life. It was a gentle way to introduce us to the inevitability of Christmas, with carols, readings, stars on the tree, names in the book and candles to light in memory of our loved ones.
Like you both @ProudDaughter and @GWA1974 , the children’s excitement will carry us through. We have bought a special commemorative tree ornament too.
My love to you both :x::x:


@ProudDaughter and @GWA1974 you both sound so caring and thoughtful, I am sure both of your parents are very proud to have such lovely considerate daughters.

Love to you @Daffodil. I hope you are all managing there :x::x::x:


@ProudDaughter thinking of you, and everyone else. I know how you feel. I just crumbled putting up the Christmas tree wondering where my family will be next Christmas. Words can’t describe how unfair this is on all of us :x::x:


I’ve put my trees up today. Usually it’s a joyous affair with my husband & daughter, glasses of baileys and Christmas songs. I did them in silence on my own today. 😢 It was a chore and not a joy. This Christmas will be a desperate attempt to try and be “normal” like everyone else i know who’s biggest drama at the moment is what to wear to their works Christmas do and not whether their husband is going to still be here next Christmas. 😢
Your right @bubbaboo it is so DAMN unfair. :x::x:


I even considered not putting the decs up at all! But, there is also a need to carry on as normal plus I have a 6 year old so it wouldn't be fair. Hopefully we will all see some brightness :x::x::x::x::x::x:


@Daffodil we’re going to our hospice light up a life service this weekend coming. I’ve bought light up letter J’s from m & s for the girls and I to put on our trees & im sure the little ones will get us through the festive season. Thinking of everyone :x::x:


This time last year I had just lost my dad (bowel cancer) and was about to lose my aunt (survivor of Bowel cancer, got by a melanoma) but we actually took comfort in having a last Christmas in his house with all his stuff. The year before we knew it could be the last but concentrated on enjoying it and there are many happy memories on that year. So if you are lucky enough to still have your loved ones with you I think you should concentrate on enjoying the time you still have with them and don’t beat yourself up about the future.