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HIPEC get together tomorrow at the Good Hope

Looking forward to meeting other patients who have endured Cytoreductive and HIPEC surgery at the Sutton Coldfield Good Hope Hospital tomorrow.
A get -together of patients and medical staff for a sharing of experiences and hopefully...tea and cakes!!
If anybody else off here is going, please make yourself known to me- I'll be Pete from Leamington Spa.
Already planning to meet @JulietheMeezermum if only to find out what a Meezermum is!!


Have a good day @Chelts and @meezermum from a fellow CRS/ Hipec er :x::x:

Purple kangaroo

Hello - I'll be there, it'll be my third year of going. Hope to see you both there 😊


have a great day :x:

Purple kangaroo

Lovely meeting you all. You're doing fantastically well, goodluck with your next treatment πŸ’›


Enjoyable meet-up.
Two things that caught my attention were the consultant who talked about how PIPAC is slowly becoming the preferred treatment for abdominal metastases over HIPEC and the fact that the UK with a population of 71m has only 4 centres of excellence for cytoreductive and HIPEC surgery, whereas France, with a lower population of 66m, has over 60 such Cs of E !!!!