Life with bowel cancer

Pitstop’s been 5 years!

5 years ago yesterday I was diagnosed with stage 4 bowel cancer having been admitted to hospital as an emergency. Since then I’ve had a lot of operations, microwave ablation, cyto-reductive surgery, HIPEC & lots of chemo. I’m telling you this because although there have been tough times, there have been many really great times too 😊! I’ve met some amazing people during this time that I wouldn’t have met had I not had cancer! So, if you’ve been diagnosed as stage 4 & you are beside yourself with worry, push on with your treatment & enjoy life as much as you can!! Loads of love & hugs to all of you living with this awful disease
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Fantastic news to read for the new year. Best wishes.




Super story to hear, here’s to a lot more to come @Pitstop. :x::x:


Very good to read.


absolutely inspiring

gemd281280 (Essex )

Oh wow , how inspiring . Go you ♥️♥️


So good to hear positive people on here, both people with cancer and their relatives.
is it a bit of a postcode lottery for people diagnosed with stage 4 cancer. My husband is only being offered a lifetime of chemo in Hertfordshire. No operations or anything else yet we read that some others get operations and all sorts of treatment. And it’s so good to hear that you are five years in to this and you are doing well, it’s really encouraging and I send you my very best wishes, but I cannot help but worry that with only chemo my husband will might well not be here to give his daughter away at her wedding in 2020. We have asked for a second opinion on treatment from the Christie hospital in Manchester and are awaiting our reply.
I have been so inspired by people’s individual stories on here and this is what has made us seek a second opinion now.
This site has made all the difference to us. Thank you everyone and best wishes to you in your future treatment :x:


Sorry I had not picked this up before, due to my v infrequent drop-ins, sorry!
Just me. Dan


@RosyPosy, I had cytoreductive surgery & HIPEC at The Christie. It is an amazing hospital, if they can do something I’m sure they will :x::x::x:


Your an inspiration, you helped me when hubbies had it. Waiting for his third check up fingers crossed. :x:


Thank you for this. We are really hoping that they can do something. We thought people could live a reasonable life with cancer but the one we have been living for the past year has certainly not been normal. My husband has not been able to work since just before his diagnosis. Chemo every fortnight is hard going on him and the rest of the family.

Quote from @Pitstop:
@RosyPosy, I had cytoreductive surgery & HIPEC at The Christie. It is an amazing hospital, if they can do something I’m sure they will


I know @RosyPosy, I’ve not worked since I was diagnosed, & there have been some bloody rough times, but also some really amazing times. I’ve got everything crossed for The Christie being being able to help :x::x::x:


Thank you so much. :x::x::x:


Like Dan888 I drop in very infrequently now but I've just read your post. I'm so glad that we met through this site-which is amazing and has been my source of strength and hope by the way-and I can honestly say I've never seen that smile drop or heard you moan B)! You're so strong and positive, a great inspiration to others @Pitstop. Loads of love :):-*


Hello, @desiderata ! Always did like your pen name! Reminds me of Chinese "Dim Sum", which literally means "to pick what our hearts desire".


Just fantastic @Pitstop.:x::x::x:


This is bloody fantastic to read ... I’m a new stage 4 and prettrified ... you along with the other amazing people on here literally give me hope :x::x:


What an inspirational lady you are, @Pitstop !


Hey @Pitstop brilliant news, keep on keeping on :x::x:


@Pitstop that is fabulous..5 years and counting...flipping well done!! You are an inspiration truly. Good luck with everything.:x::x::x: