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Bear G

Interesting take on Sugar and cancer

Interesting news that reducing sugar doesn’t directly affect cancer!

The authors state:

There is no proof that starving the body of sugar lowers a person's risk of developing cancer or that it improves the chances of survival should they be diagnosed with the disease.
There is an indirect link between reduced dietary sugar and lower cancer risk that comes through tackling obesity.
High intakes of dietary sugar raise the risk of obesity, which, in turn, raises the risk of cancer.
"A lot of people," says senior study author Leonard W. Seymour, a professor of gene therapies in the university's oncology department, "think that carbohydrates are bad, but that's not the case — we need them, and cutting out sugar won't cure cancer."


If there was ever a good reason to eat cake @Bear G ! moderation of course!


Bear G

My thoughts exactly Karen @Baxter2 !


Well that is some consolation @Bear G! My diet is already restricted by a salicylate intolerance and lactose intolerance so hurrah for sugar! 🧁 🍰 🍬 🥮 🍓🍐 (although cake is not quite as yummy without butter) 😉

terri m

I love my chocolate @Bear G so I am happy with this news😁. Exercise is the key factor keeping cancet at bay, especially bowel cancer.. :x::x::x:


@Bear G, music to my ears, just in time for mince pie season. Thankyou :x::x:


Oh good news, just eaten a bag of haribo to cheer myself up, been for a scan today. Plus I am a bit of a chocoholic! Thank you @Bear G for being the bearer of good news!! :x::x:


Thanks for sharing this @Bear G :) :x::x::x:


@Clancy, I've always understood that mince pies are one of your 'five a day'! They've got fruit in, haven't they!!:x::x:


Thanks for posting @Bear - sense at last.


Hi @Bear G Hope sugar does not affect cancer as I have just had several small cream cakes from Morrisons. Does cake pose a clinically significant contributor to recurrence? :)

terri m

Oh @ GD62 you have so brought a laugh to my face with this picture, just when I needed it too. Had really sad news this morning. To hear my 23 year old nephew has been found dead, so glad to have this forum :x:

Bear G

Hi @terri m
Sorry to hear such sad news, hope you’re ok.

Bear G

@GD62 I think that my fave photo that you’ve posted.
That’s a great idea for a clinical trial, I’d definitely volunteer for that!!


No wonder you got the Spanish Inquisition from the pip people @GD62 You're looking amazing in that pic 😂😂😂


@GD62, who cares lol green light for cake eating. I have followed what Steve said and implemented the 80/20 rule. 80 per cent cake and 20 per cent bleurgh stuff. Hope everone is having a good week.:x::x:

Bear G



my lung surgeon said.....remember an army marches on it stomach:) he
stated you need all the energy you can get remember red meat high in vitamin d, full cream milk high in calcium, it's not the time to diet...and smiled.


YAY 🎂🍰🎂🍰🎂🍰🎂🍰🎂🍰🎂