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Paclitaxel and Carboplatin ( Taxol/Carbo)

Starting new chemo regime a week Thursday on the above. Has anyone had any experience of the above chemo. Please good or bad would be very helpful to me.
My oncologist explained today better than the surgeon my prognosis time left, how the surgeon explained the expiration date was not the best.

Feeling better hope your having a great day. :x::x::x:


Interesting that you are being put on this regime as reading the Macmillan website....
Paclitaxel and carboplatin is a combination treatment used to treat ovarian, womb, cervical and lung cancer. It may also be used to treat other cancers.

I've never come across it as a treatment for bowel cancer before?

Bear G

Hi @george1960
I’m so glad, and relieved, that you e got more clarity on things today, great news.
I haven’t heard of this combination for bowel cancer before but it might be worth posting in ask the nurse to see if they can help.

david watt

@george1960 by any chance do you have a cancer that started in your small intestine rather than large intestine?


Hi @david watt and @Bear G,
I had a skin cancer on the bum just inside the bum cheeks, so end of last year had 28 sessions of radiotherapy and 2 courses of Mito and 5FU. This didn't work so had surgery this year APR all was well until a month or so ago the surgeon arranged for MRI and CT when I saw him he said it was an aggressive cancer in my bum area so basically when you sit it's so so painfull. The surgeon said nothing more he could do so I asked him a time scale and he said 12 to 18 months and would refer me back to oncologist.
Today saw the oncologist he explained the 12 to 18 months thing but said out of a 100 people this didn't apply to 50 of them not so basic and arranged for the Chemo starting next week.
I have always been told bowel cancer and always said what prescription drugs I'm on but also told him I have started taking the CBD oil he said to stop taking when on chemo but he was fine about me using and he explained there has been no proper clinical trials with 100% satisfaction. I said my Dutch friends sending over for me as there more liberated the Dutch.

Hope this is a little bit clearer.

Have a great night.x

Hope your both kicking arse.


Hi @Chelts willing to try anything, the oncologist did say something like it's proved successful. The oncologist is based at Western Park hospital Sheffield a cancer hospital of excellence so hope so 🤞 hope your doing well

Charlotte Nurse Advisor

Dear @george1960 and to others who have replied to this thread.

I hope you don't mind but thought I would just jump in here to try to explain the slight differences between your diagnosis and a diagnosis of bowel cancer.

It appears from what you are saying that you have been diagnosed with a cancer of the anal canal. As part of the lining of the anal canal is made up of skin cells and the cancer is arising from those skin cells it is treated slightly differently to bowel cancer (where the cancer arises from the lining of the bowel wall).
Often first line treatment of anal canal cancer is radiotherapy and chemotherapy but sometimes surgery is needed if the treatment has not been completely effective.
Although often the chemotherapy drugs are the same as for bowel cancer different ones can be used depending on the situation.

I have also posted this reply in the General Discussion 'Hello want to pick your wonderful brains'.

Kindest regards,