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Too old for treatment.

Hi all, just a question. My wife’s mother has just been diagnosed with bowel cancer, she was told it has not spread but there is nothing they can do for her! She is 78 and is quite frail so I can understand not wanting to operate but to not even give her the option of chemo or radiation therapy just doesn’t seem right. Has anyone else had a similar situation? Would it be worth getting a second opinion or is there a standard policy of not helping anyone over 75?
Thanks in advance


Hi my brother in laws father was diagnosed at 75 and he had op and is going strong at 85 ! So it depends on general level of health I think and not age. There is also papillon radiotherapy as an option for low ones so it depends where it is .. definitely would consider second opinion .. xxx Annie xx.


Hi @jasedix. It will be the frailty not the age that is the consideration here. You could try for a second opinion though- why not really. It may be that they think that any treatment would make her ill and negatively affect her current quality of life, that would be my guess. :x:


Thanks @Gypsy and @annie50C I wasn’t aware of papillon radiotherapy, definitely will be seeking a second opinion :x:


On face value it certainly does not seem right are there other medical conditions
@jasedix ask the questions - push for your mother in law


@jasedix it won’t be the case of being too old it’s if her body can tolerate it and also if she is weak it will effect her.. I would get a second opinion and if you can get her on Manuka honey very high strength this will help her if she is allowed chemo it kept my mums white blood count stable good luck