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Relatives and friends


Support network

Hi everyone

Does anyone know of any support groups for family members in South Wales? My husband has stage 4 bowel cancer and I think chatting to someone in the same position as me might help. We are near Cardiff.



Hi @Lochlilly

I'm not too sure about support groups in Wales but have you checked out Penny Brohn in Bristol? Great place and have loads to offer in cancer support. Have a look online.



Hi @Lochlilly my husband too early has stage 4 bowel cancer and I live in Caerphilly but on!y moved here a few years ago from Cardiff .I have found a carers group at our local library but cannot find any support groups for people in our situation so if you do find one locally please let me know ,meanwhile I find this site and Macmil!an site a great source of information and support :x::x::x: