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Interesting, but yet another theory amongst many others.
I'm still waiting for that one that announces 'We have found a proven cure for 100% of cancer cases'


If only it was wine ?.. 😁 🍾Xx. Annie :x::x:


Hi @Rob H, thankyou for sharing. I think this has been mentioned on the forum before? I’m personally not convinced of the attached but I am Mrs dubious when it comes to any claims like this; that’s just me. But hey, love coffee (hate tea) so will keep on with the drinking ☺️ :x::x:

Or/and Gin @annie50C 😃! :x::x:


No use to me as I so sensitive to caffeine I have to drink decaf everything otherwise I'd never sleep. Dexys midnight runners are nothing compared to a cup of coffee as far as my body is concerned 😂