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Something that always makes me smile

Well you have to in this club!!!
I always smile when in the hospital, getting my latest dose of poison, at the nurses who after putting my wristband on ask me after every dose change 'Whats your name and date of birth?'
I always reply 'Hang on I'll just read it off my wristband'
Do they think the chemo might change my identity??
Best one yesterday was when the nurse said 'What's your name Peter?:)


😁😁😁it's when they ask your date of birth . Mine hasn't changed since I was born πŸ˜€


Hi @Chelts

I know it seems daft but they absolutely have to go through numerous checks to ensure they give the correct drug, to the correct patient at the correct dosage and at the correct time, via the correct route. It could have devastating consequences if they get any of this wrong. It has happened, which is why they continually run through all the checks.
I have chemo at home and have had the same nurses for over 2 years now. They still ask me my name dob and address!



As I said yesterday, " it's still the same as it was half an hr ago when you asked" I know they have to do it as @Baxter2 says but it is so irritating πŸ™„


Yes @Baxter2, it was the thing we all dreaded, drug error, and being in front of the panel, NMC, in London. Name, rank, and serial number, I do get fed up of repeating them, but it’s safe practice. I will have to remember to give my new address at chemo tomorrow, I moved house again this week.:x::x:


😁 they are amazing and they are so kind ❀


Exactly @Clancy!

Hope the house move has gone smoothly?

Karen πŸ’›πŸ’šπŸ’œπŸ’™β€οΈ