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Unsettling news today.

Now 7months post reversal. Appointment with his surgeon today..apparently radiologist has noticed a distal para aortic lymph node is enlarged and there is some "striation" at the anastomosis. ...from the CT done in July. THE CEA in August was 1.
Very worried He has to have a repeat CEA after Christmas and a colonoscopy which the surgeon will do himself. Just feeling so worried and tearful ....wasn't expecting that today. 😕


Dear @abergirl . I'm so very sorry to read your news and that you are plunged back into that world of high anxiety again. I know that there is nothing that I can say to stop the worry in you- I feel that you, as a loved one, suffer every bit as much as we, the patients. I think though that the tears will be cathartic and very hopefully, you can pick yourself back up a little, put one foot in front again and plod on. I know it isn't easy but I find living absolutely 'in the day' and refusing to allow all the 'what ifs' in, is the best way and anything that can distract the thoughts just now- embrace it. Love Gypsyxxx


Hello @abergirl

So sorry to read about your news and that is a real set back, and know how you feel as due my CT scan in January, Hope and pray it all works out and that docs get a plan for you.

Hugs and lots of love :x::x::x:


Thankyou @GD62 and @Gypsy ...yes it is horrible ...I just fear the worst and he has done so well coming through everything after a pretty awful time.😕
I totally over think everything but the thought of more surgery..more chemo...more horrors..maybe back to the dreaded ileostomy is just overwhelming at the minute. Hubby meanwhile is very philosophical..doing his Sudoku and waiting for lunch. Bless! :x::x::x:

Bear G

Hi @abergirl

I know a lot of these things sound scary but they aren’t necessarily.

‘Striation at the anastamosis’ could just be some scar tissue at the join where his bowel was stuck back together.

An enlarged lymph node may or may not even be cancer related and may never need any action - I’ve got a lymph node in my neck that has been lurking for over a year but my oncologist isn’t worried.

I’d suggest writing down any questions / worries you have and firing them off to the hospital for reassurance. Do you have a nurse who’s looking after your hubby or a contact number to call? Otherwise try the consultant’s secretary to see if she can ask the questions?

And you could also post on Ask The Nurse to see what they think.

Big hugs


Thankyou so much @Bear are always so very down to earth and reassuring...bless you☺ Our kids have told me to stop over thinking and giving myself an do my best to live in the moment all be it with a brick in my stomach today......hoping tomorrow will be easier! Big big hugs.:x::x::x:


Hi @abergirl there’s nothing I can add to the good advice from Bear G but very best wishes; in many ways it is of consolation that the team are keeping such a close eye (I know it’s hard but we have to try to turn these worries to a positive 🙂)
All good wishes :x::x:


Thanks @bettebette xx ...I am just processing thismorning 's information. ...hopefully the fact that our lovely surgeon was not overly concerned..and is quite prepared to wait until the New Year to do the colonoscopy himself....and that the CEA was 1..... are more positive than negative ...Itsunami a world we never dreamed we would inhabit isn't it. Love and hugs.:x::x::x:


Whoops..not Tsunami.....but how appropriate lol!!!!


Oh @abergirl, urghhhh hate new news!!!! BUT........BearG beat me to it!! It could be nothing to do with cancer, but you are like me and over think everything, its too hard not to with this blimin diesease!!! Hang tight tho until you get the results, and as said above a CEA of 1, keep hold of that!
Sending you the biggest hug!!! :x::x::x::x::x::x::x::x:


Oh @charleyb I just knew you would be along.......I am giving myself a right talking to....going to address some Christmas cards a spot of hoovering and learn some words for a choir concert (Tenovus cancer care choir) tomorrow night . Onwards and are you both doing you lovely pair? :x::x:


Give yourself a break too, this is new news its bound to send you in a spin, and this whole process means you have to have the patience of a saint as everything involves waiting!!! (which i hate!!!!) Its good to keep busy, so i am glad you are, but also allow yourself to scream/cry/rant i know i would be too!!!
We are ok thanks, trying to get our never ending house finished (renovating) in time for Xmas, juggling work, nativities, xmas presents it feels very busy at the mo..... but we are looking forward to a little break, and after last year a hospital free Xmas. Last year Charlie had only had his lung op a few weeks before, and then as soon as we hit January he was in surgery again, so this year we are going to enjoy it all. Before we know it we will be back to scans!
Big love to you both :x::x::x::x::x:


Bless's a normal run up to Christmas for you and I bet the boys are excited!! Have an absolutely wonderful time with plenty of wine and lovely things! Keeping busy is the answer isn't it..loads of love.:x::x::x:

Quote from @abergirl:
Bless's a normal run up to Christmas for you and I bet the boys are excited!! Have an absolutely wonderful time with plenty of wine and lovely things! Keeping busy is the answer isn't it..loads of love.

The only way to get thru it is to keep busy......and drink lots of wine and eat lots of chocolate :x::x::x::x::x:


Oh forgot to say @abergirl my littlest is a cow in the nativity and my 4yr old is a snowman i`ll send you some pics of them next week, i`m sure they will be hilarious :) :x::x::x:


Fab!! My youngest grandson was a cow aged. .4 .he is 14 now. He picked his toenail all through and wore his cow head back to front. He denys it all !!! Have a fab time ane I can't wait for the pics!! :x::x::x::x: