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Home at Last

Well John was told he could go home on the 23rd of November .......but his wound needed a Vac Machine and was not allowed to go home with the wards own machine ......The District Nurses who attend the area where we live needed to get permission from Blackpool hospital to order their own machine ...
We waited every day hoping this machine was on its way ....
Friday 30th November I made a few phone calls to try and find out what was happening ....
Talk about a breakdown in communication Nobody had any idea what the “ protocol “ was
The Tissue Viability Nurse At Blackpool wanted a full wound report The District nurses wanted a full report
Friday afternoon we were told John can not go home Till the Machine is at our house
BUT ....
The Community Jobsworth said the machine could not be “ ordered “ untill John was discharged from Hospital and the order might take weeks ! !
So we spent the weekend being totally exasperated and aggrivated by the whole ridiculous impass
Anyway monday morning I rang PALS And a wonderful lady made a few phone calls and got the whole mess sorted out ! .....
Tuesday Machine arrived But no Kit with it ..Dressings Tubes etc .....
Wednesday Dressings Kit ordered Due to arrive at 4pm at our Gps pharmacy
They never arrived ...
I rang the Pharmacy and a lovely lady rang the supplier and guaranteed that the Kit would be there for The District Nurses at 9am tomorrow
So we eventually left hospital at 7:30 pm
This lunchtime The District Nurse ‘ matron ‘ turned up with another nurse and attached John up to his new machine
So ends THE Most miserable week of our lives
Home safe and the cherry on the top was getting our Dizzy back home too
Cath xx


Oh my goodness, what a time you've had but at the end of it all, a truly wonderful photo and him looking as though nothing at all has happened. You are both wonderful @KatieR ! So impressed. Lots of love, Gypsyxxx


Welcome home 🏡 to John; v well done 👍 u guys :x:


Marvellous news...well done both of a deep breath.......and try to relax! :x::x::x::x:


Ahh! Glad to hear John (and Dizzy) are home 🙂 Best wishes :x::x:


Welcome back home ! Great photo !! 😁 Xx rest up well xxx annie xxx💕

Bear G

That’s crazy @KatieR but we’ll done you for being persistent and making it happen!
Just shows how important PALS is.
So much for a seamless nhs!

I had a vacuum machine attached to my leg after the car accident 3 years ago, the results were great and the healing was above all expectations.
Fingers crossed it works it’s magic for John 🤞



Great news @KatieR :x::x:


That is a great photo @KatieR. So pleased for you both that he is home at least and recovering well. You’ve both been through such a lot! Very best wishes. :x::x:


Yay, you’re home... that’s great news. Well done getting the vac drain sorted... without your efforts that would have taking soooo much longer... everyone needs a @KatieR on their team I reckon... Johns a lucky fella!🙌🙌❤️


That's right ! If I only knew what a vac drain was ! .. 🤔Xxx Annie :x::x::x::x:


@annie50C vac drains are need to know basis only!!! Till you need to know 🤣🤣
They apply a dressing that’s sealed with a vacuum to draw fluid away from the wound and encourage wound healing from the inside to the outside.. brilliant little things, not always necessary... small external pack with a power cord or batteries, drain bottle, slightly audible noise sometimes.😘


Oh my days @KatieR What a carry on indeed! I remember when I had the vac pump machine in hospital being VERY concerned that there would be a similar type of issue. I became a pest, calling various people myself to ensure there would be one ready for me when I got home! Thankfully there was! They're amazing things and although I had it on for a few weeks at home (and 3 weeks in hospital) the healing process was pretty amazing!

I'm delighted you're both home and you have your beloved doggie back too!

Lots of love,

P.s. I COMPLETELY understand you won't make Tuesdays lunch!! Just enjoy your home comforts! :x::x::x::x::x::x:


That's appalling @KatieR and what a waste of NHS money too. I think some snotty letters are called for here!

But I an sure that home cooked food, a quiet comfy bed and a magic pump will soon do the trick and John will be feeling so much better.

Well done you....look after yourself! :x::x:


Goodness me @KatieR, words fail me. So glad that John is home at last. Take very good care, Kim :x::x:


Thanks everyone We have literally hibernated since we got home Weve had our ‘well soft’ jamas on and been catching up on Tv recordings
We even had a neighbour call in and offer to take Dizzy for a big walk
What joy
Cath :x::x: