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Dried Apricots for Constipation. :)

Just had to post this, to give everyone a laugh, as well as some useful info for the future. I wasn't constipated, but had a sudden fancy this afternoon for some dried apricots. I'm not a fruit eater, I can't stand the stuff, but occasionally like apricots. Anyway, over an hour or so, I ate a small- 140gr- packet. I have just done my third pouch change in the last couple of hours! Seriously, it would have been 4, as Sid decided he would have another go just after I removed pouch number 1, but fortunately I was standing over the toilet, so at least that disaster was averted! And there will definitely be another in the near future. So, if you get constipation, and like, or can tolerate eating, dried apricots, they have my 100% endorsement- just don't eat as many as I did. :)

terri m

Thank you for this tipp @shazsilverwolf . least they taste better than prunes😁:x::x::x:


Am I weird @terri m I actually love prunes ha ha. Can eat them
One after another !! Won’t say what the outcome is tho ha ha :x::x::x:


Lovely to hear that you are still enjoying life, with all its apricot-type hurdles @shazsilverwolf .

My biggest stoma disaster was with coconut Crimble biscuits. NEVER mix coconut and stomas!