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Chemo FOLFOX no.5 new side effects

Hello my OH is on cycle 5/12 and until this one had very few side effects, no nausea or diarrhoea but since no.5 he has felt dreadful more fatigued, uncontrolled nauseous vomiting and diarrhoea stomach griping pains, he’s not eaten in 5 days. Just returned from A&E referred in by The Christie hotline. Bloods and X-ray came back fine, so after antibiotics and rehydration drip he’s home. Can’t understand what’s going on, anyone else experienced anything similar?


Morning @angelj i rem my hubby around cycle 5 or so getting a bug and feeling the same, do you think he has caught something? Did his bloods show an infection or they just give antibiotics as a precaution? Charlie was really off colour for around a week and half and then started to pick back up. Hoping your OH starts to feel better soon, i would speak to his team and let them know too :x::x::x::x:


I had an episode exactly like that @angelj

Felt ghastly, ended up in hospital with fluids and antibiotics, But nothing specific picked up. (I felt so bad that I wonder now if it was the start of sepsis and the antibiotics knocked it on the head)

But it was just a one off. For all the other 11 cycles I felt a bit tired and sick, with a cocktail of anti sickness tablets, but nothing like that again, thank goodness.

I was very scared going into the next cycle but was absolutely fine.

Best wishes to you both :x::x:


Hi @Lizalou and @charleyb thanks for sharing your story that’s helpful to know. Sounds very similar, they haven’t picked up anything in the blood or X-ray, perhaps it was viral and that doesn’t show in bloods? He’s much better today thankfully and has eaten some porridge and soup. His stomach is still sore but probably from all vomiting and diarrhoea. Thanks again, hopefully a one-off, think the nurses jinxed him as they said he was flying though his chemo 😂


I didn't have diarrhoea till the end but from cycle 6 things got tough. Sending hugs. :x:


It happened to me from cycle 5 too... It cumulative effects unfortunately try and hang on in there as long as he can... Make sure he takes the anti sickness meds as routine and dont wait until he feels sick...


Hi @Mistyalpine thank you, it’s good to know others have similar experiences. Did you have it continuously from cycle 5 or here and there? He had his chemo today but his bloods were borderline so I’m very worried he’s going to be poorly. Doctor prescribed some different anti sickness tablets that are not compromised with anti depressant.


@angelj , im afraid the diarrhoea just poured out of me, until I finished the cycles...i was taking 13 or 14 immodium a day (onc said just take as many as i needed as you cant overdose on them) , so make sure he drinks lots of water WITH electrolytes..not just water as water isnt enough... And as I said before take those antisickness pills before the chemo starts and keep taking them..if they dont work properly ask for a drug called Emend, the NHS dont like to give it because its so expensive but it works so well ..


Thanks @Mistyalpine I will definitely take your advice and noted the Emend. He’s second day after chemo and no diarrhoea or sickness yet but he’s very tired and can’t sleep, such a nasty process 😔