Wellness during and after treatment


Positive stories needed X

Husband in adjuvent chemo at the mo, he had LAR with 80% shrinkage to tumour prior. Pathology showed T4NOMOVO. Just feeling very anxious at the moment....worried....scared....he's doing well but my head isn't I'm afraid X X hope you all doing well and looking forward to Christmas....much love to you all

Bear G

Hi @chantal1974
It’s very natural to feel anxious from time to time, we all do.
Please be assured that your husband is either stage 1 or 2 and so has a great chance at cure, especially as he responded so well to his pre-op chemo.
If it helps please take a look at my story to see how I’ve been getting on despite a stage 4 diagnosis.
Hopefully some of the other friends and relatives will be able to comment on how they’ve been able to cope.
Big hugs


Thank you love....I read your story all the time...I think you are awesome love....hope you have a wonderful Christmas :x:

El Ivan

Hi @chantal1974 I was diagnosed stage 4 over 5 years ago and I’m currently fit as a fiddle and donating all my wages to the tax man! As @Bear G has said we all get anxious in fact it's probably a little worse for loved ones, you’ll get there though. Keep on keeping on 😃
Ivan. :x:


That's so great to read Ivan.....I'm a natural born worrier lol....have a great chrimbo :x:


@chantal1974 You know our story!! Big love to you both, you guys have got this!! :x::x::x::x:


I was T4bn1mo with emvi at histology. I had 6 months mop up folfox and just had a clear scan at 1 year. The whole thing is very scary and none of know what is round the corner. I'm just greatful for every bit of good in my life. Seeing every extra milestone I might not have been so lucky to see. Hugs x x @chantal1974



Hi there. I'm chiming in with another positive story. My hubby diagnosed in June 15 with inoperable incurable stage 4 bowel cancer. His primary was actually never found which is unusual in itself and he had extensive peritoneal mets. After almost three years of active treatment and then maintenance he is showing no evidence of disease. We had a complete life change some of which you can read about if you click my name. It's a long road but you can both do it. Best advice is to keep positive, be active and live life as much as possible :x::x::x:

springer michelle

Irs hard not to worry, but read my story, hope it will give you comfort :x::x:


Gosh @chantal1974 you’d be a strange person indeed if you didn’t get anxious. Think it comes with the territory. The positive stories here will have lifted you. The anxiety will ease in time. Enjoy the here and now and that includes Christmas ha ha. Ave a good one :x::x::x:


@chantal1974 although your husband is T4 but no lymp node involve and no metases as you have written N0 MO so just relax its in very early stage I am here 5year 6 months with bowel cancer mets to Liver and enjoying my life to full had bowel and liver surgery


@chantal1974 , please read my bio. I was T4 also, but with lymph node involvement, and I’ve just been discharged completely and told I don’t need to go to back to the hospital again. I can’t quite believe it. Obviously it is a difficult time , we all completely understand, try to read some of the good news stories , and take heart. Lots of love. Angie :x::x::x:


Hi @chantal1974 tell you how to get a positive story don't work, as if you're stage four the NHS will keep your pension and tell you to work until you're as dead as a dodo!!!


another good news story from me, @chantal1974
T3N0M0, diagnosed over 7 years ago (profile summay)

Just got a lovely GREAT NEWS P.M. which made me overcome my lost login to reply and also to pop back on here again!
A very MERRY Christmas to all!


Hi @chantal1974 . How are you doing now? Mine is also a good news story. I've been NED for over 6 years now having had a liver and lung met in 2012. Take heart and enjoy a lovely Christmas. Gypsyxxxx


@chantal1974 our story is also positive - my wife is now nearly six years after her diagnosis - she is fit and does tons of exercise - she worries and gets anxious at scan times etc. which is only natural for us both. For me - as the partner - it has been a stressful time - I clung to my job as work brings a complete change for me although I have gone part time as I do get tired. (which I think is stress related) The staff at work have been wonderful and supportive Its important for us to do things together, keep interested and stay fit. When we get stressed, worried depressed negative etc. we usually go for a long country walk.
Cancer is life changing for the whole family - but it needn't be a bad change.
Hans :x::x::x:


Thank you so much everyone....wonderful results for you all, thank you for replying to me. I'm thinking of you all and wish you all a wonderful Christmas and a great 2019 X X ❤️