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Night sweats

Hi all

My dad had a right hemicolectomy and20 lymph nodes removed (only one was affected) 12/10. The tubes were put back together too tightly and had another operation 26/11. He’s been home since 7/12 and is having very bad night sweats. He had to change his top 4 times last night! Has this happened to anyone else? Is it normal? Also he hates ensure as make him sick. Can anyone recommend anything else he could take :x:

El Ivan

Night sweats can be a sign of a serious infection. I know this from my own experience. Get Dad checked out at the Doctors @beckymc81 . I’m not saying it is an infection just that it can be and always best to be caught early.


Thank you


Hi @beckymc81

Agree get GP or DN to come out and check him over make sure he's not got a virus, anxiety or underlying infection. I get sweats too but usually to hot in the bedroom sleep with window open.

As for ensure does he get the milk shakes, there are ensure plus juce available that maybe less sickly than the milk shake drinks, and fortijuice.....have a look online and asj GP to do you ar script and get a variety to sample the taste.

Good luck :x:


Hi @beckymc81 be sure to get your dad checked out but post op my OH had night sweats too and was told it’s common after surgery. I hope your dad is OK :x::x:


Hi all we Called emergency docs our sat night as he wasn’t feeling well but all his vitals were excellent as were bloods and urine. He has hospital wed as still going toilet quite a lot :x: