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Surgery planned at least

Since being diagnosed on 9th May with stage 4 rectal cancer, I've had 10 weeks xelox chemo then a week of radiotherapy. Today I was told I'll be having full rectal and anus removal surgery on the 10th January. So permenant colostomy is coming my way. Mixed emotions today. I thought life changed in may when I was told I had it's all gone wonky again. I have three weeks to enjoy my life and body the way I have had it for the lady 52 years, then worry about having a different body and style after the 10th.,my head is all over the place. All I can say is 3 weeks.........3 weeks........


Good morning @lorraine grant, first of all, well done for getting through the ten weeks of chemo and radiotherapy. I am sorry that you are feeling so bad about the surgery but as you know it is the gold standard for getting the tumour out of you and into a bucket. The stoma is totally doable, you just need to be organised and see it maybe as part of your treatment. I had huge support from my stoma nurse in the first few weeks and never really looked back. All of this is easy for me to say I know, but your ‘different body’ should be cancer free, which in the end is all we want isn’t it?
I hope that you can enjoy Christmas and slowly get your head around what is happening next. Take very good care, Kim :x::x:


Thinking of you @lorrianegrant. It is huge, isn't it but you know, you have already shown that you have the courage and the strength to do it and I know you will. I think that you go through a bit of a process of grieving for the body that was- I know I did that, even though I never had a stoma so not what you are facing. But you will adjust and carry on.
Lots of love, Gypsyxxx

lorraine grant

I'm feeling better about it today I think. Although no one has discussed prognosis with me, I'm just thinking I'll be fine, the tumour will be gone and with luck the liver mets won't come back either. I was due a lover MRI on the 14th so not sure what will happen with that now. All things considered I'm healthy with no comorbidity and was always fit although much less so in recent years. Changed jobs in 2008 so have been sedentary since then. Never had abdominal surgery so he is starting with keyhole surgery which is better for recovery. I'm concerned though about recovery in general. I've been off work since 10th May and I'd love to be able to get back within the year. Id have 4 full months post op to recover. Do you think that's doable?


Hi @lorraine grant . I have been wondering how you were getting on. We were diagnosed at roughly the same time. I had 5 and a half weeks of radiochemotheraphy then scans 10 weeks after that finished.Scans were clear but sigmoidoscopy revealed high grade dysplasia so had full APR on Tuesday - permanent stoma. Still in hospital but much stronger day by day. Feel free to message me with any queries as people on here who have been through the same op have been so helpful and given me loads of good advice. Very best wishes. :x::x:

lorraine grant

@penjay1902 glad you are feeling a bit better each day. My original plan had been for combined chemo radiotherapy but after the PET scan showed two tiny liver mets they changed that to three rounds of xelox with a weeks break between two rounds due to illness. Then I had radiotherapy for five days. Seemed like a long wait for the MRI and CT scan and I only saw the surgeon on Monday. He is lovely but I think very cautious. Even though the oncologist said excellent response to treatment, surgeon seemed less happy, especially after he felt the tumour and said it was less mobile than he wanted. So the whole hole goes......fingers crossed for no damage to bladder or tubes. I have confidence in him which is good. I'll keep looking here to see how you are getting on. I did stay away for a while as I felt it was making me more depressed......chin up and keep getting better 👍🤞👏👏👏